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Bed Bug Close Up

Post date: April 26th, 2013

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Spokane Family Battles Bed Bug Infestation

Post date: December 19th, 2014

SPOKANE, Wash. - We've all heard the saying,'sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite.'

One Spokane family has had a really hard time doing that the last few months because the bed bugs have infested their house.

Jon Bird said the problem started this summer when his family had couches delivered.

"The exterminator confirmed that it originated from the couch.The company paid for them to take care of it and they did two treatments and within two days we saw bugs again," said Bird.

PointePestControl is seeing what they can do.Heaters are set to 133 degrees to kill the bugs before the problem gets worse.

"A gravid female can lay five to ten eggs a day.But that's hundreds of bed bugs laying hundreds of bed bugs a day," said Raymond Vanderlouw, Brand Ambassador for Pointe Pest Control.

It's a service that would cost$4,000.ButJonBird won't have to pay one penny.

"It's the time of the season when money should be spent on presents and taking care of one another and we had to do this for this family," said Vanderlouw.

"It's a pretty coolChristmas gift that they're giving us this year," said Bird.

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Do you know bed bugs? Not computer bugs, but bugs in the real meaning, bugs that always sneak out of our beds, clothes, and other household environment. Bed bugs are reddish brown, small, oval-shaped, flat and wingless insect that feed on human blood at night. In the day, bed bugs hide themselves. Bed bugs are considered nocturnal insects since they are in their most active in the middle of the night. Bed bugs are spreading fast in households, hotels, motels, busses, cabs, and train stations. They are spreading so fast that we now wondering, how bed bugs life cycle look likes? And how many eggs do bed bugs lay?

Bed bugs, just like any other insect, reproduce pretty fast, and also hatching so many eggs. But how many those are? Before we answer how many eggs do bed bugs lay, let us try to know how bed bugs behave. Bed bugs feed on human blood, usually at night when we are sleeping. Actually, some kind of bed bugs just not only feed human blood, but also bats. So if our attic has bats, there is a chance that our house is infested with bugs. If we treat our attic of bats habitation, we can thereafter easily treat the bed bugs infestation.

Bed bugs come from eggs. They become nymphs after they are hatched from their eggs. A female bed bug can lay from three hundred to one thousand eggs a year. Its means a female bed bug can lay one to three eggs a day after mating. And bed bug eggs are hatched in about ten days. Bed bugs life is also long. They may even last more than a year and a half without feeding. Imagine that! Bed bug eggs can survive on any surfaces, but prefers wood, cloth or paper more than plastics and metals, while the nymps can survive for six months without feeding. Wow.. incredible creature though.

Bed bugs will lay its eggs in small and thin crevices to protect the eggs from harm. Female bed bugs hide their eggs under the mattresses, on the headboard crevices, under the creases on the nightstand right beside the bed, inside the bedrooms wallpaper and other wooden furniture within the area. How many eggs do bed bugs lay will determine the degree of infestation. A mattress full of bed bug eggs means hundreds of female bed bugs are around laying eggs everywhere, and Bed bug eggs are being hatched every day.

To exterminate the bed bugs, we should also have to exterminate bed bug eggs. If these bed bug eggs will be left untouched, they will hatch and become either a male bed bug or a female bed bug that can reproduce thousands of eggs. If thousands of female bed bugs are present in our home, we wont know anymore how many eggs do bed bugs lay. Can we imagine that? Our home has been invades by bed bugs colonies. And what for we build house, for our family home or for bed bugs home?

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Insect bites and stings often cause mild reactions or rashes on the skin. They can however result in serious infections, pain and suffering, if not treated correctly. If you get bitten, the first thing you need to do is identify if you have bed bug bites or if its something else. Bed bugs are often mistaken for other bugs like the spider beetle, cockroach nymphs, booklice, carpet beetles and bat bugs. There are ways to diagnose if you have bed bug bites and if you are suffering from a full blown bed bug infestation, but looking at the bites alone is usually not the best and most accurate way to identify the problem.

If you want to know if you have bed bug bites, a good idea is to start looking for bed bug bite symptoms.

Bed bugs prefer humans, but dogs, cats and even rodents will suffice, if no humans are around. They are considered a public health pest, but unlike most other health pests, bed bugs dont transmit or spread any diseases. They come out from their hiding at night and are drawn to the warmth of the human body. They can hide anywhere, in even the smallest spaces, so you wont see them during the daytime. They wait until you are asleep and then strike when you are most vulnerable.

Bed bug bites on humans can do great damage to the skin, so its important that you begin bed bug bite treatment as soon as you discover and identify the bites. If you dont treat the bed bug bites, they will itch and you will naturally scratch. This can cause nasty infections and you might end up with big unattractive scars in and around the area where the bed bug bites once were.

They feed on your blood by penetrating your skin with two mouthparts. One that transfers the bugs saliva to the human and one that feeds off the blood. Some people react severely to the bed bug bites, while others only have mild or no reactions at all. Bed bugs can carry over six times their own weight in blood, so they grow quite a lot when they feed. Usually you can see the blood right through their semi-transparent body. The feeding usually lasts for up to ten minutes if not interrupted, and you wont even notice them there.

Bed bug bites can help determine an infestation, but they can be difficult to identify. People react differently to the bites, some worse than others, but there are symptoms and signs to look for. Small groups of red spots on the body and areas on your mattress that look like mold are usually good signs (or bad signs) that bed bugs are around. Have a look at these bed bug bite picturesand see if they match your bites. If you want to see some pictures of the attacker itself, look at the pictures of bed bugs. Beware though; this is not for the fainthearted. The insects look way more terrifying when they are magnified.

Bed bugs move around all the time, from one infested area to another, feeding and breeding on anything that moves. With these simple precautions, you can discover and prevent major bed bug infestations in your home:

These easy-to-follow precautions should lower the chance of you ending up with bed bug bites greatly.

By learning about bed bugs, you will have less trouble getting rid of them. Like all other living beings they have a certain life cycle. By learning about the different stages they go through, you will be able to make their lives as difficult as they are making yours. Your newfound knowledge will keep them away in the future and prevent new bed bug infestations in your home. Watch the video below which focuses on this increasingly common problem.

When the bed bugs have fed, they can survive without food for up to a year, so there is no way to starve them out. Forget about suffocating them, because bed bugs dont need oxygen to live. They do however react to extreme temperature increases or decreases, so you can use that to your advantage. You can learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs and bed bug bite treatment on this website.

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Bed Bug Bites - Pictures, Treatment & Prevention
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Risk may still be low, but findings lead scientists to call for better studies

Triatoma gerstaeckeri collected in Southeast Texas. Credit: Rodion Gorchakov

Every year, the hearts of millions of Central and South Americans are quietly damaged by parasites. During the night, insects called kissing bugs emerge by the hundreds from hiding places in peoples mud and stick homes to bite their sleeping victims. The bugs defecate near the punctured skin and wriggling wormlike parasites in this poop may enter the wound and head for their victims' hearts. There, in about a third of victims, they damage the organs for decades before causing potentially lethal heart disease. Around 12,000 people worldwide die each year from the ailment, called Chagas disease.

Scientists thought Americans were safe in their sturdier houses. Now some are not so sure. Chagas-infected kissing bugs do enter at least some southern U.S. dwellings and bite people living there, recent studies suggest. And a new study published two weeks ago raises the specter of Chagas from another more familiar insect pest: bed bugs, found all over the country. Biting bed bugs have been found to transmit the parasite between mice.

The bed bug effect has not been demonstrated yet among people but these studies have made some physicians and scientists wonder if they have underestimated the chance of acquiring Chagas in this country. We are very likely missing [Chagas] cases, said a May 2014 editorial in The American Journal of Medicine. A systemic survey of the high-risk population in the U.S. is urgently needed.

Thats a sentiment echoed by at least one CDC scientist. We know that people are acquiring this infection in the United States. But it's not common, says Susan Montgomery, epidemiology team lead of the Parasitic Diseases Branch at the CDC. Epidemiologists do know that eight million people in Central and South America and up to 300,000 U.S. immigrants are infected. Can we interpret that to say we know a lot about this? No, we don't know much. We really need more studies to understand what the risk is, Montgomery says.

Kissing bugs carrying Chagas are prevalent throughout the southern U.S. and 24 mammal species can act as reservoirs for the disease. Although it has long been known that kissing bugs carrying the Chagas parasite, which is called Trypanosoma. cruzi, conventional wisdom held that the bugs in the U.S. are repulsed by our well-sealed homes with solid walls and prefer to nest in animal burrows anyway. Until now only 23 cases of U.S.-acquired Chagas have been identified, the first recognized as early as 1955. But the flurry of new results hint the rarity of cases may have more to do with a lack of looking than a lack of disease. There's a long history of positive bugs in the southern United States, and a long history of mammals being infected, says Melissa Nolan Garcia, a research associate at Baylor College of Medicine's National School of Tropical Medicine who has studied southeastern Texas blood donors infected with T. cruzi. It's just that we're not doing enough to look at actual humans.

One actual human, a 74-year-old woman in rural New Orleans Parish, was found to have contracted Chagas from kissing bugs invading her home in 2006. The bugs had bitten her more than 50 times and left her walls and nightgown streaked with bug feces. Twenty dead bugs were found in her home and in an additional building on her property with a bed after fumigation and over half were infected with T. cruzi. Neither nymphs nor eggs were found in the house, indicating the bugs weren't even nesting there, but the home was 29 years old and had many gaps through which bugs could enter.

A year later, researchers collected an additional 49 kissing bugs from inside and around the outside of the womans home and found nearly half the bugs had fed on eight different humans. In the December 2014 issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases the scientists who made this discovery also reported that about 40 percent of all the bugs were infected with T. cruzi and three of the humans had been bitten by infected bugs. According to Garcia, those most likely at risk of contracting Chagas in the U.S. are outdoor enthusiasts in the South and Southwest, along with people living in substandard homes with many cracks and crevices permitting bug entry.

More evidence of human infection has emerged from studies of U.S. blood donors, whose donations have been tested for T. cruzi since 2007. In the last two years small studies have revealed that 7.5 percent of a national sample of Chagas-positive blood donors and 36 percent of a sample of donors from southeastern Texas seemed likely to have acquired their infections here in the U.S. Although blood donor samples may be biased in ways that make them poor representatives of the wider population, some researchers suggest blood donors may actually underrepresent infections: Poor or sick peoplethe most vulnerable to the parasitemay be less likely to donate.

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Bed Bugs, Kissing Bugs Linked to Deadly Chagas Disease in U.S.
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Bed Bugs force closure of VA Clinic in Montrose

Post date: December 4th, 2014

Bed bug waste1

MONTROSE Colo. (KKCO) Bed Bugs. Just say the word and your skin crawls.

Typically the bugs arent transferred on a person, but thats exactly how they got in a Montrose VA clinic on Tuesday morning. A male patient, with a massive amount of bed bugs was in an exam room at the clinic in Hillcrest Plaza. When staff noticed the bed bugs, they transferred the patient to the local hospital and shut down the clinic so it could be cleaned.

In all, 56 appointments were cancelled as staff and a team of exterminators worked to clean the facility. The clinic remained closed Wednesday as a precaution, and to ensure the problem was taken care of. They plan to re-open on Friday.

As for the precautions taken at the hospital, staff says they always work to ensure patient safety and if a case like this were to occur, they use a special decontamination area located outside of the hospital to ensure the contamination is not brought inside the facility.

Bed begs are creepy, crawly and gross but theyre not dangerous and not a public health hazard. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) all consider bed bugs a public health pest. However, unlike most public health pests, bed bugs are not known to transmit or spread disease. But theyre called pests for a reason, they spread quickly and there is no quick fix to get rid of them.

Its not known where the bed bugs came from in this case, but they can be sneaky and hide in the smallest of places like drawer joints, the seams of chairs, and in the folds of curtains.

Signs of bed bugs include: Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses caused by bed bugs being crushed. Dark spots which are bed bug excrement and may bleed on the fabric like a marker would. Eggs and eggshells, which are tiny (about 1mm) and pale yellow skins that nymphs shed as they grow larger. Live bed bugs.

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Bed Bugs force closure of VA Clinic in Montrose
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Bed bugs found in Clifton City Hall

Post date: November 29th, 2014

CLIFTON Bed bugs were discovered in three separate areas of City Hall earlier this month.

City Manager Dominick Villano said the wingless, reddish brown parasitic insects were identified by Clifton Health Department inspectors on Nov. 12 after a City Hall employee observed an adult bed bug fall on his desk, landing on its back.

"We identified [bed bugs] in three departments, one of which being the courtroom," Villano said. "We did a whole sweep of the entire City Hall and went into every office in the building."

The bed bug nests were found on chairs with cloth material backs as well as underneath the wooden benches inside council chambers, Villano said.

Officials could not say for sure how the bugs made it into City Hall, but sources said it is likely they were carried in via a person's coat or clothing. Bed bugs are attracted to cloth items and, due to the winter weather, visitors to City Hall are wearing jackets and layered clothing.

The municipality hired an extermination company which utilized a dog to sniff out the location of live bed bugs and bed bug eggs on Nov. 13, officials said. The following day, the company sprayed nitrogen sulfur which freezes and kills bed bugs.

Villano said the spray treatment has been "very efficient", particularly compared to chemical sprays which were used in the past. A follow-up screening of Clifton's governmental offices by the company's canine did not reveal any existing bed bugs, he said.

Villano said the City plans to conduct a second spray treatment on Dec. 12.

The bed bugs feed entirely on blood and prefer that of humans. Although they are not nocturnal, the insects are most active at night when their hosts are most likely sleeping or still. When bed bugs bite they inject an anesthetic that prevents a person from feeling the bite as well as an anticoagulant that thins the blood, City health officials said.

Health experts generally believe bed bugs do not carry diseases. City health officials said itchy bites, skin rashes and allergic symptoms are typical health effects related to bed bugs. The bites, similar to that of a mosquito's or flea's, typically heal within a few days.

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Cumming, GA (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

Thermination Technology isn't just revolutionizing the way to get rid of pesky, harmful bed bugs -- it's also revolutionizing the way that hotel and apartment managers learn about pest problems and find solutions for them. On November 21, Thermination Technology released a brand-new informational video on the company's profile page on Google+. The video is short and simple, clocking in at 44 seconds, and it provides all the essential information needed to know when people have discovered bed bugs in their buildings.

The chemical-free treatment system used by Thermination Technology has several advantages. It ensures that the treatment is completely safe for humans and pets after the bed bugs are gone, is extremely eco-friendly and doesn't release harmful gases or chemicals in the environment, and it doesn't damage furniture and other room contents.

Richard Halbach, owner of Thermination Technology, explains that the heating system is extremely precise and targets bed bugs in every stage of life (including unhatched eggs). Because bed bugs are attracted to heat but will die if the temperature reaches 122 degrees Fahrenheit, Thermination Technology uses heaters that go just over that temperature, effectively attracting and killing every bug without damaging room contents.

"Once bed bugs have established a sizable population, it becomes increasingly more difficult to eliminate them," Halbach states. "Thermination Technology's heaters raise room temperatures to just above 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The most effective way to treat bed bugs today is through heating methods, and Thermination Technology simply offers the cleanest, most effective, and cost-efficient heating system."

Anyone interested in learning more about Thermination Technology's bed bug solution is encouraged to visit the company's Google+ page at and check out the company's brand new video, or visit the company's official website at for more information (including product demonstration videos and customer testimonial videos).

About Thermination Technology

Thermination Technology has developed an innovative answer to the bedbug problem. Instead of hiring a costly exterminator, throwing out bedding, or having to leave around toxic substances, Thermination Technology heat remediation treatment can kill all living bedbugs within a day. To learn more, visit

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We have all heard the bedtime rhyme about not letting the bedbugs bite, but increasingly bedbugs have become a realityto countless homes and businesses in New England. What most people dont know is that bedbugs were commonplace pre-World War II but subsided for 20-30yrs afterward due to a variety of factors. Unfortunately, since 1999 they have now made a historic comeback in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, health care facilities, dormitories, shelters, schools, modes of transport, and MANY other areas.

Bedbugs have the ability to evoke such overwhelming emotional stress from the very first sign of activity. Bed Bug activity and infestations have nothing to do with dirty living conditions, in fact they have been found in pristine homes to five star hotels.

Adult bed bugs are about 3/16-inch long and reddish-brown, with oval, flattened bodies. In fact many people confuse them with cockroaches and ticks. The eggs are about the size of a pin head and they are glued to surfaces, usually inaccessible cracks and crevices. Nymphs (immatures) are identical to adults only smaller and whiter in color until they obtain a blood meal and develop to the next stage.

Bed Bugs are mainly nocturnal and usually stay close to sleeping areas during the day. A female Bed Bug can produce up to 400 eggs during her lifetime at the rate of 3-4 per day. The eggs take approximately 6-17 days to mature. Their lifespan is 12-18 months. Bed Bugs are efficient hitch-hikers and readily move from one room/unit to another.

They feed upon blood and humans are the principle source but will feed on other mammals (dogs, cats, birds, rodents, etc.) if available. The scientific community has not found Bed Bugs to be a disease vector so human transmission from bites is currently unfounded. Only 40-60% of people show a reaction to a bite and the reaction is dependent on the person, similar to a mosquito or flea bite that may itch severely. Infections can occur due to intense scratching.

Early detection and action are essential first steps when dealing with this pest. When homeowners and property managers wait or try do it yourself methods it often exasperates the situation thus making the problem worse.

At EHS we have trained and experienced staff to identify and eliminate this problem in your home or business. Our programs are tailored for your home or business and involve the latest techniques, we even have a K-9 bed bug detection dogs division for specialized inspections. So if you think you may have Bed Bugs, or are experiencing bites, we encourage you to call us for an inspection.

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the doctor will see you Never

Post date: November 25th, 2014

Kamil Dziedzina Photos posted a photo:

the doctor will see you Never

many empty, creepy, wet, moldy, asbestos present, bed bug filled, haunted hallways

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