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Bed Bug Close Up

Post date: April 26th, 2013

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The more you know about bed bugs, the more aware you will be of the need for regular bed bug inspections. Select a topic below.

What do bed bugs look like? What do bed bug bites look like? Besides bed bugs what else could be biting me?


Adult bed bugs are flat brown insects similar in size and shape to an apple seed (approx. 3/16 inch long). Male and female bed bugs are similar in size but differ in the shape of the abdomen. The males abdomen is more pointed (like a lemon), while the females abdomen is more rounded (like an orange). When bed bugs are hungry, their abdomens are virtually flat, but after feeding they become distended and swollen with blood.

Like all true bugs, bed bug mouthparts are modified into a drinking straw-like structure called a proboscis, which is used to pierce the skin and draw up blood. The proboscis is usually tucked under the body when the bug is not feeding, so it may only be visible when viewed from underneath.

Unlike most other insects, bedbugs do not have wings or elytra (wing cases), which means that their segmented body is clearly visible when viewed from above. This feature can help to distinguish bed bugs from beetles of a similar size and color.


Baby bed bugs are called nymphs. Bed bug nymphs range in size from 3/64 to 3/16 inch. They broadly resemble the adult, except that the cuticle is thinner, and therefore paler in color. As a consequence, the gut is clearly visible as a dark region showing through the abdomen.


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Range of sizes of a bed bug during its life cycle. In the egg stage, bed bugs are microscopic, but when they reach adult stage, they are easily visible to the naked eye, at about 1/4 of an inch long.

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By Admin, Posted June 26th 2012

The eggs of the bed bug are much smaller than the adult insects, just as one might expect. However, while the bed bugs themselves tend to be shaped like an oval, their eggs are not properly ovoid but are instead shaped rather like a pear. In size, these eggs are no larger than the head of a pin. This tiny size means that many clutches of eggs appear in groups of ten or larger, with the upper range of egg groupings tending to be about fifty eggs at a time. All of these eggs can easily fit together into a single crevice or crack. These eggs will hatch out in only ten days or so, meaning that an infestation will quickly recur if eradication methods target only the living bed bugs but not their eggs.

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By Admin, Posted June 26th 2012

A bed bug must past through distinct stages of life. As the bed bug passes through the juvenile stage, it will need to shed its skin no fewer than six times prior to becoming an adult. When bed bugs have reached their adult state they become fertile and capable of reproducing. The life stages of a bed bug in detail consist of:

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Bed bugs are excellent at hiding and can fit into spaces as narrow as your business card; they wait there to attack when youre in a deep sleep and most vulnerable. This website is full of images that show you exactly what they look like, what can happen when they attack you in numbers, how to treat bites and most importantly, how to locate and kill these blood suckers yourself using inexpensive products.

We also have a very popular checklist that will walk you through the process of identifying infestations in hotel rooms. A few simple precautions can help you find these elusive bugs and prevent the nightmare from ever happening in the first place!

We receive a ton of complaints about infants being attacked while sleeping and this photo is one such example. This poor baby was taken to the doctor, and unlike many doctors, it was determined that the bites were from bed bugs. Note: Many inexperienced doctors misdiagnose such bites.

The mother of this child searched the crib and found the frame was infested with bed bugs (see more pictures of bed bug bites). Rather than do it herself, she called out a professional pest control company to eliminate the infestation. It is believed that the infestation started with baby cloths found at a garage sale.

Bed bug bites tend to have a pattern and this photo shows the perfect example of what they look like. If this were an attack by many bugs or by a few that are not as hungry, the pattern may not be noticeable.

People from around the world bitten by bed bugs have submitted photos for you to view, some are simple bites while other are horrible attacks that not only left physical scarring, but emotional scars as well.

It cant be said with absolute certainty that a bite was caused by a particular bug, but by viewing our collection of images and matching the pattern, it can give you a good start!

Weve got the largest collection of bed bugs pictures around and youll find them very helpful in identifying the bug your found.

Finding bed bugs in your home has nothing to do with poor hygiene! It takes only one bed bug to hitch a ride on your clothing (furniture, suitcase, etc) and infest your residence. Whats worse is that they can live up to one year without drinking a drop of your blood. Feeding takes about 10 to 15 minutes for adults and less for the nymphs; they feed about every three days. Depending on the conditions, bed bug nymphs can survive for months without feeding.

Bed Bugs are insects, more specifically, True Bugs, which have piercing mouthparts that in most species are used for feeding on plants. Unfortunately, there are some species of bugs with mouthparts that have been adapted to feed on human blood while inflicting very little pain (most never feel the blood feeding).

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By BENJAMIN KONG, Posted June 4th 2012

Because there are so many different insect species in the world, many of them of the biting variety, it is important to be familiar with the exact symptoms associated with bed bug bites. This knowledge will help to alert people as to whether it is likely that they have developed a bed bug infestation in their house, condominium, or apartment. According to the renowned Mayo Clinic, it is not easy to differentiate between bed bug bites and the bites of other insects, but knowing the most common signs and indications of a bed bug bite will help.

Most common characteristics of bed bug bites: Color

Notice the red circles of the bed bug bites on the skin. The pattern of the bites are also very linear.

Any site that has been subjected to the bite of the common bed bug is likely to be red, but unlike some insect bites which present as a solid red blotch, those of bed bugs tend to have a more intense red spot located in the middle of the bite. This darker red color can sometimes be the giveaway that indicated a bed bug bite.

For more information on bed bugs read Bed Bugs FAQ

Although bed bug bites do tend to be quite itchy, this in and of itself is not likely to distinguish them from the bites of other insects. Instead, bite sufferers should look for the bites to be arranged in straight lines. Frequently they appear in clusters of three, but the clusters will be lined up one after another in an arrangement that is somewhat ghoulishly referred to as breakfast, lunch, and dinner by some experts in infectious diseases. Sometimes the clusters may not be linear but are instead bunched together in the same general vicinity.

The linear bite pattern of the bed bug bites are the one thing that will often set them apart from other insect bites. This pattern is due to the fact that bed bugs will bite multiple times while traveling an a human. This leads to the often linear pattern of bites that occurs. Depending on the level of infestation of bed bugs there could be 3-4 bites or there could be 20 bites. Backpackers who stumble upon a hostel that has a huge bed bug infestation will probably get more than a few bites.

Typical Locations for Bed Bug Bites

This is a very common pattern of bed bug bites on the leg. Notice the dark red spots that are very linear all the way up the leg.

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John G.::

Michelle, those are flea bites. You can check for fleas by spreading a white sheet on your carpet and then watch for them when they land on the sheet. Fleas jump around and thats why this works to check for the presence of fleas. They are much easier to get rid of. Be thankful if it turns out to be just fleas.


Hi there, I have moved from a hospital Spain Mallorca to New Zealand and in both countries i have been experiencing these bites that happen at night and are extremely itchy. I have tea tree oil in my shampoo and body wash and i put it in my body cream too just to relieve the itching!

I find the bed here has a foul oudour but i have yet to discover any black spots or other signs of bedbugs as we have carpets and a red sheet.

But I wake up in the early hours of the morning itching like crazy!! We have used a fog for flea and carpet mites and Im still getting bit. I even put mosquito spray on me at night and still the bites persist. Some nights are worse than others!

Please help


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