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Bed Bug Close Up

Post date: April 26th, 2013

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Bed Bug Pictures from Univ Wisconsin (Hardin MD)

Post date: October 28th, 2014

Bed Bug Pictures from Univ Wisconsin

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Picture & text from Phil Pellitteri, University of Wisconsin.

Picture used by permission from Phil Pellitteri

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Bed Bug Pictures from Univ Wisconsin (Hardin MD)
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Do you know bed bugs? Not computer bugs, but bugs in the real meaning, bugs that always sneak out of our beds, clothes, and other household environment. Bed bugs are reddish brown, small, oval-shaped, flat and wingless insect that feed on human blood at night. In the day, bed bugs hide themselves. Bed bugs are considered nocturnal insects since they are in their most active in the middle of the night. Bed bugs are spreading fast in households, hotels, motels, busses, cabs, and train stations. They are spreading so fast that we now wondering, how bed bugs life cycle look likes? And how many eggs do bed bugs lay?

Bed bugs, just like any other insect, reproduce pretty fast, and also hatching so many eggs. But how many those are? Before we answer how many eggs do bed bugs lay, let us try to know how bed bugs behave. Bed bugs feed on human blood, usually at night when we are sleeping. Actually, some kind of bed bugs just not only feed human blood, but also bats. So if our attic has bats, there is a chance that our house is infested with bugs. If we treat our attic of bats habitation, we can thereafter easily treat the bed bugs infestation.

Bed bugs come from eggs. They become nymphs after they are hatched from their eggs. A female bed bug can lay from three hundred to one thousand eggs a year. Its means a female bed bug can lay one to three eggs a day after mating. And bed bug eggs are hatched in about ten days. Bed bugs life is also long. They may even last more than a year and a half without feeding. Imagine that! Bed bug eggs can survive on any surfaces, but prefers wood, cloth or paper more than plastics and metals, while the nymps can survive for six months without feeding. Wow.. incredible creature though.

Bed bugs will lay its eggs in small and thin crevices to protect the eggs from harm. Female bed bugs hide their eggs under the mattresses, on the headboard crevices, under the creases on the nightstand right beside the bed, inside the bedrooms wallpaper and other wooden furniture within the area. How many eggs do bed bugs lay will determine the degree of infestation. A mattress full of bed bug eggs means hundreds of female bed bugs are around laying eggs everywhere, and Bed bug eggs are being hatched every day.

To exterminate the bed bugs, we should also have to exterminate bed bug eggs. If these bed bug eggs will be left untouched, they will hatch and become either a male bed bug or a female bed bug that can reproduce thousands of eggs. If thousands of female bed bugs are present in our home, we wont know anymore how many eggs do bed bugs lay. Can we imagine that? Our home has been invades by bed bugs colonies. And what for we build house, for our family home or for bed bugs home?

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Bed Bugs Life Cycle | bed bugs life cycle, begin from bed ...
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What do bed bug bites look like? And which bed bug bites treatments are readily available?

If you have had the unfortunate and, sometimes, deeply disturbing experience of having been bitten by bugs at night, then you would want to be able to identify, whether bed bugs are the culprits. On this website, you will learn how to identify the typical bed bug bites, by learning about the various bed bug bites symptoms and by viewing a host of bed bug bites pictures.

Then, once you have established that those nightly bites did indeed come from the bloodsucking bed bugs, you will want to move quickly to ensure that your bedbug bites are treated properly and most importanly, to ensure that the bed bugs are removed from your bed and your house. Bed bugs can live without feeding for up to 1 year, and getting rid of the bed bugs is no easy feat.

Don t delay!

BED BUG BITES: Picture of the most typical bedbug bite with the 3 or 4 bites-in-a-row pattern.


Bed bugs (or Cimicidae and Cimex lectularius) are small parasitic insects. Bed bugs usually refers to those specimens that prefer to feed on human blood, but all the insects in this family survive solely on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

The name bed bug comes from the insects typical habitat in beds, mattresses or couches, where they have easy access to feeding on humans. Bed bugs are mostly active at night. Bed bug bites can lead to skin rashes, allergic symptoms and even have psychological effects.

In the developed world, bed bugs were largely eradicated as pests in the early 1940s, but they have increased there presence in the western world since about 1995, probably due to a resistance to pesticides.

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Bed Bug Bites: Bed Bug Treatment, Bed Bug Bites Symptoms ...
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Bed Bug Bite Symptoms –

Post date: October 27th, 2014

Because there are so many different insect species in the world, many of them of the biting variety, it is important to be familiar with the exact symptoms associated with bed bug bites. This knowledge will help to alert people as to whether it is likely that they have developed a bed bug infestation in their house, condominium, or apartment. According to the renowned Mayo Clinic, it is not easy to differentiate between bed bug bites and the bites of other insects, but knowing the most common signs and indications of a bed bug bite will help.

Most common characteristics of bed bug bites: Color

Notice the red circles of the bed bug bites on the skin. The pattern of the bites are also very linear.

Any site that has been subjected to the bite of the common bed bug is likely to be red, but unlike some insect bites which present as a solid red blotch, those of bed bugs tend to have a more intense red spot located in the middle of the bite. This darker red color can sometimes be the giveaway that indicated a bed bug bite.

For more information on bed bugs read Bed Bugs FAQ

Although bed bug bites do tend to be quite itchy, this in and of itself is not likely to distinguish them from the bites of other insects. Instead, bite sufferers should look for the bites to be arranged in straight lines. Frequently they appear in clusters of three, but the clusters will be lined up one after another in an arrangement that is somewhat ghoulishly referred to as breakfast, lunch, and dinner by some experts in infectious diseases. Sometimes the clusters may not be linear but are instead bunched together in the same general vicinity.

The linear bite pattern of the bed bug bites are the one thing that will often set them apart from other insect bites. This pattern is due to the fact that bed bugs will bite multiple times while traveling an a human. This leads to the often linear pattern of bites that occurs. Depending on the level of infestation of bed bugs there could be 3-4 bites or there could be 20 bites. Backpackers who stumble upon a hostel that has a huge bed bug infestation will probably get more than a few bites.

Typical Locations for Bed Bug Bites

This is a very common pattern of bed bug bites on the leg. Notice the dark red spots that are very linear all the way up the leg.

Although this again does not distinguish bed bug bites completely, it is true that most bits tend to occur on certain areas of the body. These include:

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Bed Bug Bite Symptoms -
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Pictures and photos of bedbug (bed bug) bites and welts.


In 2004, I suffered a bed bug infestation that lasted approximately 4 months. I had several treatments from a professional exterminator and followed all of their instructions as best I could. It was one of the most stressful experiences of my life, and my heart goes out to sufferers who are reading this. Hang in there!

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In 2007, I suffered an infestation of bed bugs. I do not believe this to be a reinfestation from the 2004 incident. In 2007, I was living in a different bedroom (a bedroom that was not effected in 2004), and it had been far longer than 18 months since my last infestation, which is the amount of time they say a bed bug can live without eating. Also, my entire apartment building had a problem with bed bugs, so it wasn't entirely surprising that the building, where hundreds of people lived, was never fully rid of the bed bugs.

Because I knew what I was looking for, I identified the bed bug problem quickly and suffered very little in comparison to the 2004 ordeal.

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Battling bed bugs with extreme heat

Post date: October 22nd, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, October 21 2014, 08:55 PM CDT

Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- When bed bugs started to spread in the United States 10 years ago there was really nothing very effective at getting rid of the nasty pests.

Exterminators have been working for years to figure out what's best to get rid of the bugs, but including using a non-chemical solution.

Bed bugs don't survive in extreme cold or heat, and that's why if bed bugs are suspected between your sheets, run your bedding through a clothes dryer and high for a full cycle.

Heat has the ability to kill all three stages of bed bugs, but some chemicals don't damage the eggs.

That's why some exterminators are turning to Entotherm. The process can kill bed bugs in four hours with temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees.

The process has been used in bedrooms, hotel rooms and offices.

Normal bed bug treatments take three parts, but the Entotherm is a one-shot deal.

The Entotherm process starts with exterminators sealing off an area and removing anything that may explode or not do well in heat. Sensitive electronics are also covered and drawers are opened to improve airflow, with all clutter moved off the ground.

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Battling bed bugs with extreme heat
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Bed bugs found at Lima Senior

Post date: October 19th, 2014

Professional exterminators are fighting the spread of bed bugs at Lima Senior High School.

Superintendent Jill Ackerman says there have been reports of possible bed bugs at the school for the last two weeks. Exterminators were brought in twice to spray rooms in the building, including over the weekend. Nurse Kate Morman says two rooms were identified as the main areas of concern, however, some common areas were sprayed as well. Ackerman says the bed bugs are believed to have been inadvertently brought in by a student.

Bed bugs are small reddish brown bugs which feed on human blood. They tend to prefer dark places and can lay up to 50 eggs at a time. Bed bug bites can cause a reaction like a mosquito bite. However, they are not known to transmit disease.

A letter concerning bed bugs and other hazards, such as hand foot and mouth disease, that spread in places like schools is being sent home with students.

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Cockroach youngin surviving hair shampoo in last attempt to find food
10-15-14: After taking dozens of bed bug pictures, today was a break of sorts. This young cockroach was seen on the side wall of the toilet after I woke up f...

Ruben Ciriacks

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Cockroach youngin surviving hair shampoo in last attempt to find food - Video
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Researchers are starting to explain the anxiety many victims feel.

Right now, everything I own is in garbage bags piled up in the middle of my kitchen and bathroom and filling my shower. It's been that way for a week and a half and will continue to be so for at least another week on top of that. If you live in a major city, you might know whats coming. If not, welcome to the hell that is bed bugs.

This isn't the first time I've had bed bugs. Nor the second. It's the third, and this time its taken two visits from the exterminators to (hopefully) rid our apartment of the tiny beasts. Luckily we were able to catch the bugs early before they got a real hold on the apartment. Unluckily, thats mostly because rather than mosquito-esque little bumps, my bites turn into hardened ping-pong ball sized welts that itch for over a week. So when we have bed bugs, I know pretty quickly. And each time everything goes into bags. I stop sleeping. I avoid furniture on the street. I refuse to enter libraries.

I used to joke that I had bed bug PTSD. Theres a certain kind of anxiety that the seemingly invisible biters incite. But in fact, it might not be a joke. Research is starting to show that bed bug infections can leave people with anxiety, depression, and paranoia. And thats normal. In fact, it would be weird for you not to be freaked out, says Stphane Perron, a doctor and researcher at the University of Montreal. If you have bed bugs, and if you dont care, thats not a normal reaction. You should be worried. I would consider it a normal reaction to a stressor.

Perron has published a number of papers on the psychological ramifications of bed bugs. In one study, he and his team looked at apartments that had been reported to the Montreal Public Health Department for unsafe conditions. Some of those units were infested with bedbugs, but not all of them. Perron and his team gave the tenants of these buildings a series of questionnaires that assessed all sorts of health impacts, including psychological ones. All told, 39 of the units had bed bugs, and 52 of them didnt. When they compared the psychological results between those two samplesa method that helps to control for factors that impact mental health like socioeconomic statusthey found that tenants with bed bugs were far more likely to report anxiety and sleep disturbances than those without.

Another study by medical entomologist Jerome Goddard at Mississippi State University examined posts on bed bug related websites like When they compared those posts against a checklist of PTSD symptoms they found that 81 percent of people writing these forum posts were describing psychological and emotional effects often associated with the disorder, things like hyper-vigilance, paranoia, obsessive thoughts, and depression. One person scored high enough to actually be considered a PTSD patient, Goddard says. (The comparison they did here isn't diagnostic. In other words, Goddard can't actually diagnose anybody with PTSD from the results.)

In another study, researchers sent out questionnaires to seven different cities. They got 474 back. In the survey, they asked people to describe their reaction to the bites. Beyond the physical reactions, 29 percent of people said they suffered from insomnia, 22 percent reported emotional distress, and 20 percent said they had anxiety due to the bugs.

There are a number of reasons to take these preliminary studies with a grain of salt. For one, researchers dont know anything about the mental state of the participants before they got bed bugs. And thats important. In one case study that Perron published, a woman with a prior history of mental health issues got bed bugs and eventually committed suicide. The bed bug is a stressor like many other stressors, Perron says. For people who are vulnerable, it may result in having a pathological fear of bedbugs or even delusions of parasitosis, when a person falsely believes they are infested with bugs. So knowing the mental state of people before they were infected is key, and missing in these early reports.

It's early days for studies like these, and Goddard is the first to admit that they arent perfect. But they're a start. I think all these things sort of added together, suggest that at least bed bugs are associated with anxiety and sleep disturbance, he says. Now whether or not a person can truly have PTSD I dont know. And they do suggest that theres something particular about bed bugs that sets them apart from other biting insects like tics, fleas, mosquitos, and chiggers.

When I tell people I have bed bugs, they say things like, So, youre setting fire to everything you own, right? The EPA acknowledges the urge. There is no need to throw out all of your things, they assure visitors to their bed bug information page. But after weeks of garbage-bag living, the prospect of just lighting it all on fire and leaving doesnt seem so unreasonable. And several bed bug studies note the extreme lengths to which people go to get rid of the bugseverything from actually setting things on fire, to attempting to self-treat with loads of toxic chemicals. Even my exterminators are aware of the trauma the bugs incite. At the bottom of the two-page preparation guide for treatment, they write:

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