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Bed Bug Close Up

Post date: April 26th, 2013

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Created: 11/18/2014 6:52 PM By: Samantha DiMascio

TROY - Joseph's House and Shelter now has less than a week to get rid of the bed bugs that have infested their subsidized housing complex, Hill Street Inn. The Troy Fire Department alerted city Code Enforcement on Thursday after responding to a call. Two of their vehicles and the emergency department the patient was taken to, had to be decontaminated.

Some residents say the bed bugs make their way in on anything from clothing to couch cushions as tenants cycle through. One resident says the blood suckers are not only invading their homes, the infestation is starting to interfere with their social lives, There's already the ridicule that this is the bed bug hotel," he said.

He believes his self-image is being tarnished because of the conditions hes living in -- or rather, who hes living with, I can never apply for a job, they wouldn't want me in there with my bed bugs thinking I'm carrying eggs. They wouldn't want me in another apartment, even section eight for that same reason," he said.

The same resident says, in the four years he's lived there, exterminators have already been to the complex a handful of times. His neighbor says, they try a little bit here, a little bit there, that's not working." These residents say exterminators in the past have also brought in bed bug sniffing dogs, but even then they were only treating one apartment at a time, The beagle dog walked in and didn't see anything, so apparently I don't have a problem. Would you like to see the bites? said the neighbor.

On Saturday, Troy Battalion Fire Chief, David Paul, told NewsChannel 13, the only effective method to get rid of the creepy crawlers is to do a clean sweep, "you need to treat all the apartments that adjoin that apartment upstairs, downstairs to the left and to the right," said Paul.

The Director of Development at Josephs House and Shelter, Patricia Tullgren, released a statement Tuesday regarding their next move:

The agency has embarked on a remediation plan with a certified and reputable extermination service to treat the entire apartment complex. Weve enjoined with our tenants to implement this remediation with as little disruption as possible. Well be closely monitored by the City of Troy Bureau of Code to make sure all steps are satisfactorily completed. We strive to undertake this process in a respectful manner to the tenants of the building, said Tullgren.

Residents say as grateful as they are to have a roof over their head, they're just calling for more attention and prevention to the problem, "I'm not trying to bite the hand that feeds me, I'm just majorly concerned," said a tenant.

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Joseph's House and Shelter works to mitigate a bed bug infestation
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Stop Those Bed Bugs!

Post date: November 18th, 2014

Robert S. Photography posted a photo:

Stop Those Bed Bugs!

Sign in Brooklyn NY

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

Termite control is not just a concern for homeowners, its also vitally important when safeguarding historic buildings throughout the United States. Ehrlich Pest Control, one of the pest control brands of Rentokil North America, has been selected by the National Park Service to install and maintain effective termite control systems for 14 national historic sites in the Delaware Valley, including Independence Hall.

To ensure these sites remain termite free, the National Park Service (NPS) is taking a proactive approach to preserve these national treasures so they will remain structurally sound for generations to come. Ehrlich will be installing the Sentricon System with Always Active technology, the latest innovation in termite control. Sentricon targets and eliminates the termite colony when termite workers feed on the bait in the stations and then share it with the rest of the colony, eventually eliminating the entire colony, including the termite queen, who can produce millions of eggs during her lifetime.

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are responsible for more than $5 billion in damage annually in the U.S. Older wooden structures are increasingly vulnerable to infestations or may need significant repair from previous infestations. Ehrlich technicians expertly install Sentricon stations around the landmarks.

Independence Hall is such an important structure for American history, its important to protect it from destructive termites without drilling into the buildings delicate foundation, said Jeremy Adamson, sales representative for the Sentricon System. With Sentricon, Ehrlich is expertly helping to protect this structure for future generations, and were happy to be a part of it.

Its a privilege that we were selected by the National Park Service for this crucial protection of our nations most precious assets, said John Myers, president and CEO of Rentokil North America. The NPS is taking an active approach in being the nations steward of historical buildings and pest control is an integral part of its preservation program. Our expert termite control techniciansalong with the Sentricon Systemprovide the NPS with the leading solution for preventing infestations today and in the future.

Ehrlich will be providing services using the Sentricon System with Always Active technology to the 14 sites. Most prominent are the buildings at Independence Square, including Independence Hall, Old City Hall and Congress Hall in Old City Philadelphia. In addition to these iconic buildings under the National Park Service, services will be provided to The Deshler-Morris House and Bringhurst House in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. The Deshler-Morris House is also known as the Germantown White House and is the oldest surviving presidential residence, home to George Washington twice during his term of office. Franklin Court homes on Market Street as well as two surviving residences on Locust Street will also be protected from possible termite damage.

About Rentokil North America Rentokil North America is part of Rentokil Initial plc, one of the worlds largest and most diverse business service companies, operating in more than 60 countries worldwide. Ehrlich Pest Control, Western Exterminator, Presto-X Pest Control, Rentokil Canada and Rentokil Mexico make up the Rentokil family of pest control companies in North America. They provide commercial and residential pest control, bioremediation, bird control, vegetation management, bed bug services, wild-animal trapping and termite control from 200 local offices in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.


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Ehrlich Pest Control Selected to Protect National Landmarks
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tweaker’s delight. victorville, ca. 2014.

Post date: November 16th, 2014

eyetwist posted a photo:

tweaker's delight. victorville, ca. 2014.

at 6am, all of the tweakers are finally curling up to sleep in their beds. the rundown and wind-blown queens motel sits on the edge of the open desert, the last stop for many who are down and out.

recently processed film. mamiya 6MF 50mm f/4 + kodak portra 160. lab: the icon, los angeles, ca. scan: epson V750. exif tags: filmtagger.

The rest is here: tweaker's delight. victorville, ca. 2014.
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To the right you can see two pictures of squished bed bugs.

On either side of the dead bug, you see either bright red splotches or dark red splotches.

The bright red splotches signify a bug who had a meal recently.

He was digesting blood. In the second picture, it is dark red, almost brown.

I am often asked "When did I know for sure that I knew what a bed bug looked like?"

It was not difficult to remember the moment I knew for sure.

It was the moment that I got creeped out by a little bug, grabbed a paper towel and squished it.

If you use a paper towel to pick up a bedbug and squish it between your thumb and first finger, you will see blood.

Not just a little blood, but a lot of blood.

Keep in mind that this could be your blood, or someone else's blood.

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Zenprox EC by Zoecon is a broad spectrum insecticide (kills over 25 insects) which provides a unusually quick knockdown and has a long residual. It is an excellent choice against roaches, fleas and bedbugs (including newly hatched bed bug nymphs) and acts as a nonrepellent. The advantage of a non-repellent insecticide is that the insects do not have a chance to evade the product, because they can not detect it. It is labeled for use as an indoor broadcast spray, spot spray or crack and crevice spray.

A common use of Zenprox EC is to mix it with insect growth regulators (IGR) for roaches, bed bugs or fleas. Insect Growth Regulators are hormones that regulate (stops) insect growth.

Roach IGRs, Pantry Pest- Surge Nylar, Nyguard , Pivot 10, Gentrol I, Martin's

Bed Bug IGRs- Gentrol-16 oz, Gentrol -1 oz

Flea IGRs-Equil S-Methoprene, Meteor, Surge Nylar, Nyguard, Martin's

Visit link: Zenprox EC , Zenprox EC Kills bed bug eggs and nymphs
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Bed Bug Life Cycle – How To Kill Bed Bugs

Post date: November 14th, 2014

The Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed bugs who feed on blood regularly have a lifespan of about ten to eleven months. If blood is available regularly, bed bugs can have three generations per year.

Bed bugs (females) usually produce four to eight eggs at a time. The female bed bug may produce up to five hundred offspring during the time of its life.

Eggs will hatch in about 10 to 12 days. The newly hatched nymph starts out with a beige color, but after feeding on blood, turns a redish color. The length of time for bed bugs to reach maturity is about 45 days. Even without access to blood for feeding, adult bed bugs can survive for up to seven months. Sometimes even longer than that.

Adult bed bugs live about 10 months, though some may live quite a bit longer. Bed bugs thrive in the warm environment of a humans bed, with their evening dinner being delivered to the bed but every 24 hours.

This is part of the problem with bed bugs they are so hard to get rid of because they live for a long time without access to blood, and they produce a lot of offspring during their lifetimes.

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Bed Bug Life Cycle - How To Kill Bed Bugs
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Mosquito Bite Pictures Vs Bed Bug Bite Pictures

Post date: November 14th, 2014

Bothersome winged insects called mosquitos get there claim to fame by sucking your blood.

Mosquitoes are far more dangerous than bed bugs because they transmit diseases, such as Malaria and West Nile Virus.

Bed bugs are not known to spread disease. This is not a conclusive fact, but there is no proof that they spread anything dangerous to people.

Scientists monitor bed bug epidemiology. If anything becomes different, they would be the one to tell us.

Mosquito bites get big, depending on the person, size of mosquito, and length of time poison was used. Irritation almost always begins at the onset of the bite, which does not happen with bed bug bites.

In the center of a mosquito bite is a white with a raised center surrounded by redness.

Bed bug bites are never white. They are even, flat bites, which are reddish in color.

Mosquito bites resolve themselves faster than bed bug bites.

The antigen that mosquito use is not nearly as long lasting as those of bed bug bites.

An exception to this rule is people who are allergic to mosquito bites.

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Mosquito Bite Pictures Vs Bed Bug Bite Pictures
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Bed bug bites on people who react to bites can look like mosquito bites or like larger welts similar to what you may see in an allergic reaction. The bites can be very itchy, or mildly itchy depending on the individual.

Sometimes, bed bug bites are seen in a line. This shows the track or path of the bed bug which might feed on blood at one spot and then move to another in the same vein. This pattern is sometimes called breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is also possible for bed bugs to feed just at one location.

As bed bugs feed to their fill, or repletion, they usually will remain attached for three to ten minutes. They may also void part of their blood meal as they feed so there are droppings of partially digested blood from the back end as the bed bug feeds on the front end. The droppings are not dangerous but may appear on the skin or clothing. If the bed bug voids after feeding, smears of partially digested blood may be found on sheets or linens.

Note that no physician, regardless of their skill, can diagnose welts or reactions as caused by bed bugs. The entire puzzle must be evaluated including whether bed bugs were found in the area.

Temporary relief from itching may be achieved using an anti-itch cream which can be suggested by a physician or pharmacist. Currently, no information suggests that bed bugs can be repelled by insect repellent. They are attracted to warmth and the body chemistry of humans, but may also be attracted to carbon dioxide.

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