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Bed Bug Close Up

Post date: April 26th, 2013

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Customer tells her side of bedbug story

Post date: September 25th, 2014

ASHEBORO An Asheboro woman charged with dumping bed bugs on furniture at an Asheboro store last weekend says she was upset because her daughters had been bitten by the bugs.

Kacey Renee Bodine of Peachtree Street was charged Saturday with injury to personal property for dumping the bugs and ordered not to return to Rent-A-Center at 1509 N. Fayetteville St.

The charge came after Bodine showed up at the store to return a used bunk bed set her girlfriend had rented two weeks earlier and which she says was infested with bed bugs.

Common bed bugs are insects that feed on blood. The bite of a bed bug can cause a skin rash or other adverse health affects. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) all consider bed bugs a public health pest, but bed bugs are not known to transmit or spread disease.

An adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed. Eggs are the size of a pinhead.

According to Bodine, the store manager refused to send someone to pick up the rental property, telling her that he would send someone to disassemble the bunk bed and move it to her front yard. A couple of store employees came to her residence and helped her take apart the furniture but told her they could not haul the infested furniture in the company truck.

Bodine said she figured if they would not come get it, she would deliver it.

The bed frame would not fit in her vehicle, so she took the mattresses to the store and carried them inside. Then she opened a bottle and dumped bed bugs she said she had collected from the mattresses onto a couch and loveseat in the store

Why did she dump them in the store?

They were going to come in with the mattresses anyway, she said. The store needs to be shut down for inspection. I had told the (police) officer (I dumped the bed bugs) because this store needs to be shut down.

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Customer tells her side of bedbug story
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If there's one souvenir you don't want to return from a trip with, it's bed bugs. Those little pests are a nightmare to eradicate, so someone has created the perfect luggage for travelers who frequent seedy hotels. The ThermalStrike suitcase heats up inside once you get home, ensuring your clothes are bed bug-free when you eventually get around to unpacking.

Hidden beneath the ThermalStrike luggage's ($200 to $250) interior lining is a set of hidden heating elements that pretty much bake the contents of your suitcase for hours and hours when you get home from a trip. After plugging it in, the inside of the bag gets as hot as 140 degrees F, and when left long enough it ensures that any bed bugs, and their eggs, are completely dead.

It's like putting your belongings into quarantine after traveling, and it goes without saying that you might want to keep souvenirs like chocolate, and most of your toiletries and electronics in your carry-on bag lest they also be destroyed. [ThermalStrike Heated Technologies via Los Angeles Times]

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Heating Elements Inside this Suitcase Kill Stowaway Bed Bugs
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Picture of Bed Bugs – Bed Bugs Handbook

Post date: September 23rd, 2014

Picture of bed bugs at each stage of the bedbug life cycle is depicted below. A bed bug starts life as an egg and then passes through 5 nymph stages (instars). They are referred to as nymphs until they reach adulthood. The entire bed bug life cycle and each stage is depicted below.

Nymphs (Baby bed bugs) are somewhat small, (1.6mm, 1/16 inch), almost white and hard to see.

Picture of Baby Bed Bug (Nymph)

As bed bugs become adults, they turnbrown. After a blood meal, they become reddish/brown in color.

Adults Bed Bug Picture

Adult bed bugs are approximately 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch (5mm to 9mm) in length.

Bed Bug PictureSource: Federation of Metro Tenants Toronto

If you need help to identify bed bugs in your home in order to confirm that you have a bed bug problem, you can mail a sample with a small fee to the Harvard School of Public Health.

National Geographic put together a helpful video on bed bugs and their behavior. This is a good first step in learning how to identify bed bugs:

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Raid Max Bed Bug Flea Killer - kills bedbugs their eggs
I bought this can of Raid Max Bed Bug Flea Killer at Walmart. I show you the can #39;s labeling so you can read it for informational purposes. Kills bedbugs their eggs, also kills dust mites,...


Raid Max Bed Bug & Flea Killer - kills bedbugs & their eggs - Video
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For weeks wed known that something was biting us but we couldnt work outwhat. We suspected fleas, or mosquitoes. But no change in our behaviour, no amount of cleaning, reduced the itching.

The man from the councils pest-control department made sense of our symptoms immediately. Our bites came in clusters of three; and there were splashes of blood on the sheets where an unfortunate pest had been squashed, mid-meal. He diagnosed bed bugs, a parasite that has been nibbling at humanity for as long as history records.

At first it was almost a relief: we had a plan of action at last. But as the days went on it became less of a comfort. When youve grown used to changing your clothes every time you switch rooms; when youve taken your furniture to bits, and the component parts have been drenched in foam; when youve spent a week acting as human bait, sleeping in separate rooms to lure the bugs out of their hiding places to where the poison might get to them, and still the bites keep coming, you cant help but think: What if they never go?

We searched online for reassurance that the problem would be easy to solve. We didnt find any.

The heavy use of pesticides after the Second World War almost finished off bed bugs in the west, but at some point in the past 30 years they began to make a comeback. One theory is that the banning of DDT, which was hugely damaging to the wider environment, unhelpfully made homes less inhospitable to the bugs, too. Another is that we now fly more often, and to less developed countries where bed bugs have never gone away.

In London the number of bed-bug interventions by pest control quadrupled between 2000 and 2006. The place most frequently associated with bed bugs, though, isNew York. The city has experienced infestations in theatres, department stores and office blocks. In 2009 the US Environmental Protection Agency held its first ever Bed Bug Summit.

The bugs dont spread disease. They move slowly; they cant fly; they even, with a certain generosity of spirit, anaesthetise you when they bite. And yet living with them is one of the most unpleasant experiences Ive ever had.

For one thing, it was an inconvenience the endless changes of clothes, the ban on guests entering the house or bags leaving it.

Worst still is the fear that you will never get rid of them. Bed bugs breed quickly: one adult can produce 500 children, and there is evidence that a single, fertilised female can infest an entire building. Pesticides are becoming less effective. Some of the bugs have evolved exoskeletons that prevent the poison from penetrating; others dont allow it to bind to the nerves, or break it down into harmless chemicals.

In New York, they tell you to just burn everything, an American friend told me. Just give up and start again.

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How Big Are Bed Bug Eggs? –

Post date: September 10th, 2014

The eggs of the bed bug are much smaller than the adult insects, just as one might expect. However, while the bed bugs themselves tend to be shaped like an oval, their eggs are not properly ovoid but are instead shaped rather like a pear. In size, these eggs are no larger than the head of a pin. This tiny size means that many clutches of eggs appear in groups of ten or larger, with the upper range of egg groupings tending to be about fifty eggs at a time. All of these eggs can easily fit together into a single crevice or crack. These eggs will hatch out in only ten days or so, meaning that an infestation will quickly recur if eradication methods target only the living bed bugs but not their eggs.

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Bedbug problem worse than you might think

Post date: September 5th, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. After being inundated with dozens of calls a day, a local exterminator says bed bugs are on the rise, but they can be stopped or at least slowed down. They say the problem is mostly because people dont know the correct ways to contain those pests, and its becoming a vicious cycle.

When youre in a bed bug panic Raymond Cummings, owner of Simply Pest Control, knows what to do.

For this season it has been completely bonkers. We are actually scheduling about two weeks out at this time, and have 50 to 60 calls coming in a day, he said.

Cummings says we are at a bed bug peak, and the little red vampires are everywhere, but it has nothing to do with the season, rather a fierce cycle.

People will take the items that they have and actually remove it from the home. They put it outside on the curb, and somebody comes by and picks it up, and god knows what happens to it. They might sell it at the flea market. They might sell it at a yard sale. The cycle continues, said Cummings.

Cummings says if you find an item with bed bugs you have to properly destroy it, like calling a garbage control of bringing it to a dump. Cummings doesnt want to cause alarm, but these six-legged creatures can spread quickly due to peoples denial.

They think its a spider bite or mosquito, said Cummings.

Cummings says that more times than not its a bed bug.

In the life cycle of 10 to 11 months they can have 200-250 eggs, and meanwhile thats spreading throughout the house, said Cummings.

Most bed bugs are found in apartments.

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Grossinger Hotel – Bed Bugs

Post date: September 4th, 2014

Michael Ver Sprill posted a photo:

Grossinger Hotel - Bed Bugs

Work For Sale | | FB Fanpage | Twitter | Google+ | Youtube

The rest is here:
Grossinger Hotel - Bed Bugs
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Bed Bug Life Cycle: Bed Bugs in all Sizes

Range of sizes of a bed bug during its life cycle. In the egg stage, bed bugs are microscopic, but when they reach adult stage, they are easily visible to the naked eye, at about 1/4 of an inch long.Related articles in the Bed Bug Knowledge Center: Bed Bug BitesBed...

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Bed Bug Life Cycle: Nymph Bed Bug Taking Blood Meal

Dorsal view of a bed bug nymph, Cimex lectularius, as it is in the process of ingesting a blood meal from the arm of a “voluntary” human host, which could be seen filling the insect’s abdomen. Once engorged, the bug can go up to a year and 3 months wit...

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Bed Bug Life Cycle: Adult and Nymph Bed Bugs

Adult and nymph bed bugs. Nymph-stage bed bugs are capable of feeding immediately after hatching, and can go months without a blood meal.Related articles in the Bed Bug Knowledge Center:Bed Bug BitesBed Bug Feeding HabitsBed Bug Detection

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Bed Bug egg, nymph, adult

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Bed Bug Life Cycle Photos | Knowledge Base |
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