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Bed Bug Close Up

Post date: April 26th, 2013

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Bed Bug Life Cycle | {Vuri Animals} – Video

Post date: January 19th, 2015

Bed Bug Life Cycle | {Vuri Animals}
Part II of a segment of Animal Planet #39;s Infested Series. This one is on bedbugs in the small town of Senoia, Georgia. Rose Board Certified Entomologist Mark ...

Vuri Animals

Excerpt from: Bed Bug Life Cycle | {Vuri Animals} - Video
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How-To Kill Bed Bug Eggs – Video

Post date: January 18th, 2015

How-To Kill Bed Bug Eggs

Top Bug Insect Control

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How-To Kill Bed Bug Eggs - Video
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Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Killer 16 oz. aerosol is ready to use. Kills bed bugs and their eggs to end the bed bug's life cycle. Treat mattresses, box springs, carpet, bedding, floors, walls, and drapes. Can also be used on luggage and garments.

See the rest here: Harris 16 oz. Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray-EGG-16 - The Home Depot
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Can "Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray" really kill the bed bug eggs?

Here is a bit of our situation:

- Our exterminator is highly questionable, but we are tenants and therefore have no say in the PCO choice. He told us only that he's using Suspend SC. He also told us that he's only going to spray every 3 weeks.

- We have researched this, and all of the sources, including an entomologist at a prestigious university whom we E-mailed, tell us that the exterminator should be spraying every 10 - 14 days.

- Since we don't really trust this PCO, we've also started dusting the baseboards of our house with DE. Our PCO doesn't know about this (we remove all traces of it before he comes).

- During the last few days (before the "three week" fumigation was due), one of us awoke with at least 5 different areas of bites, hence the urgency of our question.

Because of our PCO's "three weeks" fumigation policy, we're paranoid about the bed bug eggs hatching and about the nymphs.

Has anyone had any experience with "Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray"? Does it just drive them into the walls, where they will hibernate and come out to cover us in painful, swelling bites later?

The rest is here:
Does Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Spray work? Got Bed Bugs ...
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picture of kids bed – Video

Post date: January 9th, 2015

picture of kids bed
picture of bed sores picture of child sleeping in bed picture of bed bug bite rash picture of bed bug bites picture of bed bug picture of bed bug eggs pictur...


picture of kids bed - Video
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CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Danae Phelps is worried about her mother living at The Village of Carriage Hills in Clinton because she has a big problem: bed bugs.

"It's been going on and off for almost a year and my mother said that they [the apartment complex] have come out and sprayed. However, to my knowledge that's not how you handle a bed bug problem, you use heat," said Phelps.

The site manager at the complex wasn't allowed to go on camera because of company policy. But she did tell us they follow the guidelines set by Rural Development of Tennessee.

In Phelps mother's case, they got the complaint and wrote a formal letter to the mother with a checklist of things to do within 5 to 7 days.

After that, the complex came in and sprayed cedar oil. And according to reports, most of the times it does the job for the complex - but Phelps said the cedar oil didn't work for them.

We contacted Mark Nadolski from Russell's Pest Control for expert advice concerning bedbugs and cedar oil.

"There's some studies that say cedar oil does work. It's enviromentally safe but it's also a product that you can apply without having a licenses through the state of Tennesse," he said.

So what's the best solution to get rid of these pesky bugs?

"They can't survive over about 115 degrees so we use a steamer- something you;d find in a clothing store and that will typically kill the bed bugs we see and it will kill the eggs. We also use a pesticide after the steam treatment," Nadolski said.

But it's not a one time deal, he notes - sometimes it takes numerous treatments because bed bugs are stubborn and can hide in the smallest places.

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Excellent suggestion, spideyj! I'll second the seal them up part. Many PCOs won't treat without an actual bug or bugs as proof, and as people here can tell you, catching these evil beasts can be hard. (I apparently had very laid back California bed bugs who were more than happy to be caught. I caught two myself, and the various PCOs caught another two, and I had casings. The PCOs were positively thrilled when I handed them ziplocks. PCOs actually seem to really like dealing with people who have a clue, so you'll probably get on your PCO's good side if you hand them a bag with nymphs and/or eggs.) Many people here have spent a lot of time cursing because they did the most obvious thing you do with a gross bug--get rid of it--and then spent a long time trying to catch another one.

So seal them up and hold onto the bag! Don't toss it no matter how much you get freaked or grossed out!

I suck as identifying things from photos, so you also might find David's description of the eggs helpful:

I get the sense that the eggs are smaller than sesame seeds, which is why I like the measurements in the post I gave you a link to. I suck at scale (if you say they are ovals, I picture things the size of advil caplets, but BB eggs are much smaller).

PS--I also stored the ziplock in the freezer because watching them crawl around freaked me out. The freezer won't kill them, but a friend taking a bio class in college stored her bugs in the freezer when they had to do a bug collection. Between the time she caught them and the time she killed and pinned them, they lived in ziplocks in the fridge. (I joked that if she'd waited another month, I could have gotten her some bed bugs, in multiple stages of life, for plenty of extra credit). I think the freezer makes most bugs a little more sluggish.

Just make sure to seal the ziplock. I double bagged it to be sure.

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bed bug eggs - hard or soft? Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums
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Bed Bug Infestation Pictures |

Post date: December 28th, 2014

Below are pictures of bed bugs and bed bug signs found in various places around homes treated for infestations. Bed bug infestation signs can be found on walls, ceilings, carpets, and furniturenot just mattresses or bed sheets.

Bed bug blood smears on wall of a home.

A boxspring that is infested by bed bugs.

A ceiling lamp of a home covered in bed bug droppings.

Continued here:
Bed Bug Infestation Pictures |
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Bed Bugs | Facts | Symptoms | Treatments

Post date: December 28th, 2014 has all the information you need to know about bed bugs, bed bug control,bed bug pest control,the history of bed bugs, bed bug bites, bed bug symptoms and D.I.Y bedbug pest control treatment by Micropest pest control Sydney.

Bed Bugs | Bed Bug Bites | How to find Bed Bugs ?Video

Micropest pest control has being servicing the people of Sydney for bed bug control for over twelve years and all our pest control operators have being in the pest control industry for over twenty years. Our bed bug pest control operators are all very highly trained, fully licensed, insured and utilize safe, effective and pet friendly bed bug Sydney pest control treatments. Micropest provides a twelve month guarantee for most bed bug control treatments.

Bed Bugs: what you need to know.

Bed bugs may be small, but as anyone who has suffered from a bedbug infestation knows, their bite is worse than their bark. And despite a reported decline in their numbers worldwide some decades ago, bed bugs are experiencing an unwelcome resurgence. Unfortunately densely populated, tourist-friendly areas such as Sydney offer the perfect habitat for these small pests. Bed bugs are mainly distributed around the world by hitching a ride on tourists clothing and baggage.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are nocturnal small crawling insects that feed on blood and are attracted to you by body warmth and the carbon dioxide exhaling out of your lungs. Measuring a mere 4-7mm in length,bed bugs are flat and oval, they're also quick and agile, and can easily man oeuvre themselves into hard-to-reach places. If left alone the bed bugs will generally live within one and half meters from your head where you sleep at night but they are also very common in the couch.Bed bugs can hibernate for up to a year without a blood feast and a female bed bug can produce several eggs on a daily basis. There are several varieties of bedbugs, but it's the common bed bug that is mostly widely found throughout Sydney.

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