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Bed Bug Close Up

Post date: April 26th, 2013

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Bed Bugs - How To Kill Bed Bugs With Clorox Bleach Or Bleaching Powder?
#Dry, #Hands, #Skin, #Whitening

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Bed Bugs - How To Kill Bed Bugs With Clorox Bleach Or Bleaching Powder?
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Bed Cleaning Made Easy

Post date: February 13th, 2017

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Bed Cleaning Made Easy

Mattress Kleen Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast - Recent researches show a person on average spend 1 / 3 of his / her time on bed. It is really important to increase our fun on our mattresses for the main one third of your lives. To take action, aside from the quality of your bed, the grade of your bed sheets is also important. To have a high quality bed sheet, it starts from a proper of choosing it.

Bed bugs are very sensitive to heat up. So, you can expose these to heat to be able to kill them completely. High temperature is vital for effective heat treatment. You should use black plastic bags in sunlight to eliminate such pests present in luggage. By using heat to eliminate and make sure that the room or box is hot enough and heat gets to the bugs no matter where they are covering.

Dust and mites might build up again and this is inevitable unless you regularly employ the service of a specialist solution. Mattress cleaning Services is essential to keep the mites and germs from building up. With proper and regular cleaning, these harmful substances can be eliminated. You can sleep tight without exasperating mites nibbling your skin layer.

Hiring a professional to do the cleaning will make your mattress clean and bug free. They have specialty solutions that are harmful to mites but gentle to human skin. It really is safe for you to lie down onto it because it doesn't have foul odor and is safe for the skin. There are eco-friendly cleansers; most cleaners use this rather than chemically produced cleansers. They will ensure that each right area of the mattress including the core is clear of mites, fungus, and dusts.

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- For those with children in the Booneville School District, many may be wondering what to do next if they suspect their home is infested with bed bugs.

The pests can hide in even the smallest places and bed bugs have become more common in the state of Arkansas in recent years. Exterminators said many cases are due to recent travel.

"[Bed bugs] are hitchhikers," Terminator Termite & Pest owner, Doug Grimm said. "So, anywhere where people are staying for prolonged periods of time or people congregating in large numbers, that's where you'll find bed bugs."

The pests start out with just a few bugs.

"Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye," Grimm said. "If you've got one or two bugs, they're really good at hiding, so it's gonna be awhile before you actually know that you have an infestation."

Treating bed bugs is not a do-it-yourself project. Once a building or home is infested, the extermination process could cost you more than $500.

"Bed bugs will not go away on their own," Grimm said. "Some of the over the counter stuff you see doesn't work effectively. You have to eradicate every single male and female bed bug before you have it under control."

One of the most common misconceptions is that having bed bugs is hygiene-related. Exterminators said that's not the case.

"Any one of us can get bed bugs," Grimm said. "Don't be embarrassed, just make sure you get the problem taken care of as soon as possible."

In the Booneville School District case, getting back to normal might take awhile.

"In a school setting, it's a lot more difficult," Grimm said. "We'd have to do it after hours. It's just an exhaustive process; you have to get every crack and crevice where bed bugs hide."

While bed bugs do bite, they do not carry or transmit disease. Exterminators said some people react to those bites, while others show no symptoms.

Expert Explains: Protecting Your Home From Bed Bugs -
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Post date: February 8th, 2017

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Bed Bug Bite inflammation.

If you could really see the extent of these bites, you would never venture outside of your concrete bunker for fear of even getting close to a bed bug bite scenario.

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Anacostia-based Savoy Elementary School closed Monday because the school was too infested with bed bugs and other pests.

D.C. Public Schools announced Friday that the shut down, slated for Monday and Tuesday, was impending because the building needs a thorough cleaning,The Washington Post reports.

For now, students at Savoy will be relocated to Ferebee Hope Elementary School beginning Wednesday. Officials will be providing transportation between the school locations.

Savoy Chancellor Antwan Wilson assured parents that staff would be replacing all blankets, rugs, pillows, etc., and also said that once the school is cleaned, health officials will examine the building to make sure its up to snuff.

In late January, Fox 5 reported that parents at the school were absolutely enraged at the deplorable conditions their children were forced to learn in. Parents added that professional bug exterminators had already been brought to the school without much success.

One parent wasnt even aware of the bed bug infestation until they saw it reported on Fox 5.

This is not how you should notify parents of rats and bed bugs. I had to see it on the news. Then, the school doesnt notify the parents until 4 days later, the parent said.

Before the school said it was temporarily shutting down, Aaron Doughty, another parent, said he would not let his bed bug-bitten kids back to Savoy until officials take the problem seriously.

They wont be back because they have several bites on them and Im very concerned about the situation, Doughty said. I will not be sending them to school.

According to Doughty, who showed pictures of the bites on his daughters, the problem started appearing around Christmas and has since only escalated. Doughty added that the school nurse told him months ago the school was infested with bed bugs.

But its now in February that officials have finally decided the school needs to close temporarily.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama visited the school in 2013 andtold students that they wereblessed to have this school and also that no one is born smart.

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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Post date: February 7th, 2017

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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Our heat treatment process begins and ends with a thorough bed bug inspection, conducted by our technicians who are familiar with the habits and biology of bed bugs and experienced in locating bed bugs. Inspections are completed in infested areas as well as in adjoining rooms and hallways.

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Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs
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Parents say health and school administrators were on site at Savoy Elementary School but they gave no solutions on how to stop the pest problem at the school.

WASHINGTON - An emergency meeting about a reported bed bug, rodent infestation at a southeast elementary school provided few answers for outraged parents Thursday night.

Parents say health and school administrators were on site at Savoy Elementary School but they gave no solutions on how to stop the pest problem at the school.

The Department of Health was also at the school Thursday evening to tell parents about kits they can pick up to determine if they have bed bugs.

RELATED: Parents irked about bed bug problem at Savoy Elementary School in DC

DC Public Schools and Department of General Services were there to share what's been done to ease the issue. Parents say what was missing was a clear solution on how to address the problem moving forward. If this would have happened on Wisconsin Avenue, the school would be closed, said Aaron Doughty, a father to students at the school.

Doughty shared photos of what he says are bed bug bites on his two daughters who attend Savoy, and he was hoping the meeting at the school Thursday night would help provide some answers.

No solutions out of this meeting and my daughters have not been in school, I have a note for them and they're scheduled to return back to school on Monday but I want solutions before they come back because you've seen the pictures, Doughty said.

PREVIOUS: DC elementary school undergoing treatment for bed bugs

Doughty was one of many who say the school has been infested with bedbugs since November and complaints were ignored.

I was aware of the issue in December but the principal was nonchalant about it, said Commissioner Rhonda Hines.

One thing the parents are saying is this school should be closed. The students and staff should be moved out into a facility until they resolve this problem and I agree. It's a very unhealthy environment for teachers or students or any other staff to be working in, said Elizabeth Davis, President of the Washington Teachers Union.

Savoy's Principal Donyale Butler attended the emotionally charged meeting but avoided questions from the crowd and media.

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Parents get few answers as DC school addresses bed bug issue - FOX 5 DC
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James Jackson and Zachary Carlisle

Good night, sleep tight, Don't let the bedbugs bite

Those are the first lines in an old nursery rhyme almost everyone heard as a child, and probably tells their own children. It's easy to dismiss as a playful old saying, but the reality is far from playful, and, as we learned from one Heber Springs resident, can take a physical and psychological toll.

Over the last decade, bedbugs have become more frequent in Cleburne County, according to Roger Harlan of Hopper Termite in Heber Springs.

I have worked for Hopper Termite for 39 years and we had our first bedbug call about seven or eight years ago said Harlan.

We all know the term 'bedbugs', but many are unfamiliar with what, exactly, these little pests do, where they get them, and what it takes to be rid of them.

Bedbugs vary in size, with larvae being less than 1/16 of an inch to the older, more mature, version of the insect growing up to 3/8 of an inch. They also vary in color, from a translucent yellowish white to a rusty reddish brown. Bedbugs have small, flat bodies that allow them to hide an in all types of furniture, such as beds, couches, recliners, and even dressers.

What are some of the signs that you might have bedbugs?

Early indications of the pest are small fecal spots on mattresses and linens, which are typically reddish brown. They often leave molted skins and white sticky eggs behind.

Another sign of an invasion is swelling and red welts on arms, legs and other body parts. Although first contact is painless, individuals begin to develop an allergic reaction that can itch for days.

Harlan said Hopper Termite has experienced bedbugs in some of the most meticulously cleaned homes the cleanest of homes. They like to hide in linens, upholstery, furniture crevices, wood trim, and more, making almost any home furnishing a perfect home for the insects.

Bedbugs are not a sign of dirt or filth said Harlan.

Because of heavy and frequent traffic by travelers, hotels and motels are often the best, most convenient, way stations for the pest. From cheap budget motels to expensive 5-star resorts, no traveler's shelter is immune from the possibility of infestation, as the bugs are often brought in and leave on luggage. Its always important to examine hotel and motel rooms before settling in while traveling.

They are the ultimate hitchhiker, said Harlan.

So, how bad is bed bug problem in Cleburne County?

Between 18-25 homes I know of in the last two years have had bedbugs said Heber Springs Sanitation Supervisor Jeff Ashmore. Weve disposed of many couches and beds from these homes."

Though the number is alarming, there has been a recent downturn in the number of reported cases

Our calls have slowed down about 30%-40% in the last couple of months," said Harlan.

About six years ago, Hayley Cummins, a resident of Heber Springs, experienced the horrors of this pest firsthand.

"We were at a motel in Fort Smith and noticed there was a problem almost immediately," said Cummins. "I noticed what looked like little bites and a small rash. At first I just thought it was because of the cheap soaps they use in these little motels."

When she returned home, she noticed the problem persisted. A doctor visit was unable to identify the problem. After spending some time searching her symptoms on the internet, Cummins came across an article on bedbugs, which described exactly the symptoms she was experiencing.

"I searched the top of the bed and didn't find anything," she said. "I thought maybe we might have mites and I could see them. The bites and the rash continued so I looked in the bed frame and that's where I found them. I freaked out. I started vacuuming them out of my bed."

Cummins called a local pest control company, who chemically treated the bed. She thought the problem was solved. A week or two later... they were back.

"I woke up at night and noticed I was being bitten," she said. "I dragged my bed out of the house at 2 in the morning and set it on fire."

She then called a large pest control company, who treated the entire house. She said they had infested the headboard on her bed. They had even crawled into the creases between her walls and carpet. Over $2500 later, she was finally free of the monsters.

The infestation has had a lasting effect on Cummins.

"Even now, six years later, if I see a piece of lint I catch myself starting to get worried," she said. "It really is psychologically traumatizing. It affects your sleep because every little thing you feel can wake you up, paranoid that they're back and biting you. I don't stay anywhere now unless I check it for the bugs. A couple of years ago we went to a relatively nice hotel in Branson. I checked the room and it seemed fine. About an hour after we were in, I noticed one. I bagged it up and took it to the front desk. They had to move us out the room, wash and bag all our clothing, and then I had to throw away my luggage. I hated that too because I had just bought that luggage."

If you're traveling, always inspect your room for bedbugs, and if you see them, notify the hotel staff immediately. If you are unfortunate enough to have them invade your home, contact a pest control company immediately. If you are experiencing any symptoms that could potentially indicate a bedbug infestation, contact a pest control company immediately. They can determine if you do, in fact, have a problem. Staying alert can help minimize a home invasion and you can truly sleep tight without the bedbugs biting.

Excerpt from:
'Don't let the bedbugs bite' - Heber Springs Sun-Times
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UTs Science Forum had guests scratching as Karen M. Vail kicked off the spring semesters series of weekly lectures with her presentation, Bed Bugs: You Can Get Rid of Them.

Guests gathered in the Thompson-Boling Arena Cafe to gain knowledge on the parasitic insects.

Vail, a professor and extension urban entomologist at UT, won several awards including the Environmental Protection Agencys award for innovation in 2012. UT professor and Science Forum Coordinator Mark Littmann expressed his gratitude for Vails attendance.

She was hired by the University of Tennessee because they knew she was something special, Littmann said. In the past five years, she has brought in over half a million dollars in grants.

Vail began her lecture by discussing the biology of the species cimex lectulariu, or bed bugs as they are commonly known. Vail explained that bed bugs have followed humans into new habitats since humans moved out of caves.

Following their history, Vail went on to explain how bed bugs feed off the blood of humans and typically feed for approximately four minutes and 50 seconds. The bugs are also nocturnal creatures, like a cockroach, and hatch eggs every nine days. She also assured the audience that bed bugs cannot transmit diseases, since enzymes in their bodies are capable of breaking down any human diseases.

Bed bugs have now been considered one of the most difficult pests to control, Vail said.

While concerned with prevention, the audience grew alarmed when Vail presented a recent fact.

The pest control company Orkin has listed Knoxville as number 21 in a survey of the top cities for bed bugs, Vail said. Baltimore is number one.

Recently, Vail, along with a team of researchers, performed several case studies on the detection and elimination of the bugs. Vail has studied common areas such as apartment complexes, college dorm rooms, hotels and even libraries.

The team discovered that these areas have evidence of bed bug infestation, although many are completely unaware of the magnitude in which these bugs occupy. One occupancy, a home for the elderly, found that one in three rooms had bed bugs.

One common cause found in homes of elderly citizens is that those 65 years of age and older do not typically react the same way younger individuals would. While the bugs would typically leave red rashes and cause itching, the elderly are less likely to experience these symptoms.

Vail ended her lecture with several methods of detection, elimination and prevention for all areas. Some common recommendations included insect interceptors to trap the bugs, refrain from furniture found on the side of the road and educate to ensure early detection.

Vail also mentioned that volunteers are needed to assist people who are unable to give proper preventative measures in their homes. Bed bugs are often spread due to the lack of assistance needed by the elderly and disabled. If anyone would wish to volunteer, Vail suggested they contact her for more information.

The weekly Science Forum will be held every Friday from 12-1 p.m. in the Thompson-Boling Arena Caf in private room C-D. Guests are encouraged to bring their own lunch and enjoy a question and answer session following each lecture. This Friday, Feb. 3, will feature ancient creatures from the Paleozoic Seas.

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