Bed Bug Pictures | Pictures of Bed Bugs

Post date: September 3rd, 2017

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Here are some bed bug pictures and pictures of bed bug eggs to help you identify them. Have you seen little black bugs walking around your bed at night?

Here are some bed bug pictures to help. However, if you havent travelled recently or theres no other reason why you might have a sudden infestation, perhaps youre dealing with a different kind of bug. Below are some bed bug pictures and bed bug eggs to help you identify them. Before you take any steps to deal with a possible infestation, you should be 100% certain that youre actually dealing with bed bugs. The best way to do this is to familiarise yourself with what bed bugs look like that way you can identify the type of bugs youre dealing with and avoid wasting time on ineffective treatments.

The characteristics of adult bed bugs include: wingless approximately 5.5mm in length oval in shape colour ranging from brown to burnt orange after a meal, they appear dark red or black

According to Doctor Decides, there are several bugs that look like bed bugs, including: book lice similar to bed bug nymphs, these bugs feed on fungi and mould carpet beetles small and brown but with discernible wings bat bugs very similar in appearance to bed bugs, but they tend to have longer hair and feed off the blood of bats spider beetles dark reddish brown/black mini beetles that are often found in pantries cockroach nymphs more cylindrical in shape than a bed bug and are white after hatching, later turning reddish/brown

It can be difficult to see bed bug eggs with the naked eye. They are commonly: white tubular in shape Females can lay up to 5 eggs per day and more than 500 eggs in a lifetime.

There are five bed bug lifecycle stages that bed bugs go through after the eggs have hatched and before reaching adulthood: first stage nymph: 1.5mm second stage nymph: 2mm third stage nymph: 2.5mm fourth stage nymph: 2.5mm fifth stage nymph: 4.5mm adult: 5.5mm Nymphs generally molt to the next life stage after a feed or blood meal. The lifecycle process can be anywhere from 5 weeks to 6 months. Read more about the bed bug lifecycle here. More pictures of bed bugs and bed bug eggs here.

If you have bed bugs on your mattress, here are some things to look out for: bed bugs of various sizes (lifecycle stages) bed bug eggs castings blood spots faeces If you cant see evidence of bed bugs on your mattress, check the cracks and crevices, as these are the places that bed bugs tend to hide in. Picture of bed bug on bed with bed bug poo, no bed bug eggs in this picture.

If youve identified bed bugs in your home and are looking for an effective way to remove them, our Bed Bug Killer products can help to kill the bugs and prevent future infestations. Bed Bug Killer is a natural powder that can be applied with no downtime. It kills bed bugs by dehydrating their shells and one application provides long-lasting prevention.

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Play video of live bed bugs here.

Bed Bug Pictures | Pictures of Bed Bugs

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