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Telling the difference between a bed bug bite and a flea bite may be quite a challenge especially if youve little or zero experience on these insects. Knowing which bite is from what bug is key if you want to find the appropriate treatment. Read on to learn the differences and similarities in terms of symptoms, size, pictures and cures

Fleas are a common name given to Ctenocephalides fellis (Cat flea), Pulex irritans (Human flea) and Xenopsylla cheopis (Rat flea) and are parasites that feed on blood.

They normally prefer human beings as their host but are also dominant in household pets such as cats, dogs, rodents and opossums.

Predominance is observed in cats in which they are known as cat fleas. It is the cat flea that infests both cats and dogs then eventually humans.

Bed bugs are of the genus Cimex and three species implicated in the infestation of houses; Cimex lecturalis, Cimex adjuctus and Cimex hemipterus.

Bed bugs do not live on bodies of their hosts and are only there momentarily to feast on a blood meal.

Like fleas, they can also be found in clothing such as shoes and bedding but bed bugs can also be found in hinges, walls and furniture.

Both of these insects do not fly and while this is true for both, fleas seem to try to do so. They have been known to jump from one place to another to as high as 8 vertically. This is typically 150 times their height. Bed bugs have to crawl to get to their destinations.

One interesting fact is that one flea is able to lay number of eggs in a week commensurate to those that can be laid by a bed bug in its life time i.e. about 200 eggs.

While it is not entirely known whether bed bugs can act as vectors of pathogens and cause disease in its hosts, fleas are known carriers of the bubonic plague, cat-scratch fever and murine typhus through infecting rodents such as rats (Gary R. Mullen; Lance A. Durden., 2017).

All these are well discussed in the following sections.

The appearance of either bites may be somewhat similar but there sure is some difference between them. The characteristics that follow the bite of a flea are as follows:

Bed bug bites bear the following characteristics in appearance:

The size of bed bug bites are about 4-5 mm long and 1.5-3 mm wide while those of fleas are about 1.5-3.3 mm long.

Bed bugs have not been associated with any disease of pathogen transmission as has in the case with fleas.

The three types of fleas have potential for different disease transmission and therefore pose a risk to humans in a variety of ways.

However, this is not to say that every flea bite will transmit a disease to humans.

Discomfort is an avoidable effect of a flea bite but you may get down with a fever after such bites.

This is the best time to go see a physician. According to CDC(Center for Diease Control) Known diseases that are associated with fleas include :

This is one of the group of typhus conditions associated with a fever, headache and a rash. These symptoms are known to start of one or two weeks after you have been exposed to the bacterium responsible.

Fleas among its counterparts such as lice and chiggers are responsible for the three typhus conditions. The flea responsible is the Xenopsylla cheopis usually found on rats and other rodents.

Do not confuse this with epidemic typhus that is spread by lice. If you have been infected with Rickettsia typhi and Rickettsia felis from fleas, you will realize symptoms such as a fever, muscle and joint pain and nausea and vomiting.

However, it is hard to realize that the connection would be to a bite about one or two weeks ago.

When fleas carry a bacterium known as Bartonella henselae, you can get this diseae. Mostly affects children when they are bitten or scratched by a cat that is infected by the bacterium. It also presents with lymphademopathy about one or three weeks after being bitten.

This disease is caused by a bacterium known as Yersinia pestis that is at times borne in its vector, the flea, Xenopsylla cheopis.

This type of flea is found in rodents such as rats as its host. It is from the rats that the fleas acquire the bacterium which eventually is passed to humans during a blood meal.

he proboscis of the flea injects the saliva with its content, Y. pestis which then travels to the lymphatic ducts.

Bubonic plague is just one of a series of diseases that are associated with the bacterium as depending on its mode and level of spread, may complicated into septicemic or pneumonic plague.

To identify bubonic plague, swellings known as buboes appear in areas where there are lymph nodes such as the armpits, groin, upper femoral (thigh) and the neck region and is followed by a gangrene and necrosis of the nose, mouth, fingers and toes.

You will get chills, muscle pains, elevated body temperature and general body weakness (Bennetts Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases E-Book).

You will definitely react in the same way when you are bitten by a flea or a bed bug. Both of the bites are itchy and inflamed.

However, there are degrees to which the two reactions occur with the two bites. For instance, flea bites are known to be very itchy.

Extensive itch and scratching as a reflex reaction to it is therefore common and at times wounds follow. The itch by a bed bug bite may be less itchy and when you have rubbed the area gently, the inflammations fade away in minutes. This may not be the case with flea bites.

When flea bites are scratched, there is a potential for wounding and therefore infections. This is rare with bed bug bites and when they have to complicate, then they will turn into blisters.

You can be able to identify a bed bug or flea bite based on the appearance and if you are lucky, site the breaching insect. In order to do a differential diagnosis do the following:

If you have made a thorough observation of the bumps and are still not able to tell, the ask yourself the following questions:

Bed bug bite you when you are asleep or seated on your bed or other household furniture. Fleas are mostly on your pets, either a cat or a dog.

While bed bugs normally bite anywhere on your body, fleas are rampant in biting lower extremities such as the legs and ankles.

In order to get rid of the bed bug or flea bites, check out the following section on treatment and prevention.

Bed bug bites are commonly self-limiting and you can easily reduce the inflammation by rubbing hard on the streaked areas without scratching. Scratching worsens the inflammations.

If the itch is getting worse and unbearable, then you can get an over-the-counter anti-pruritic and anti-histamine.

Some of the options that you can look at include a corticosteroid cream such as hydrocortisone or betamethasone.

Remember, that you can also run some cold water or apply some ice-pack over the area. Just make sure that you avoid host water as this may exacerbate the itchiness.

Other oral over-the-counter medications include Chlopheniramine or cetirizine which are anti-histamines. All these interventions can be used to relieve the itch and inflammation associated with both a flea and bed bug bite.

Other home remedies that can be used include the use of peppermint, lavender oils, by applying on the area to relieve the itch.

You can prevent being bitten by a flea or a bed bug in the following ways:

Flea bites

Bed bugs

Below are pictures of bed bugs and flea bites on leg and hand of humans

Flea and bed bug bites are both itchy, cause inflammations, may turn red and can be treated with the same treatment approaches.

This material has already debunked most of the previously perceived similarities to inform you on the differences between the two.

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Bed Bug Bites Pictures Images Photos

Post date: April 10th, 2019

Bed Bug Bites Pictures Images Galleries Photos : So now we all are worry. Why ? Because we are effected by these tiny creepy bed bug bites. So I am sure you want to know that how these tiny bugs look like. So we are sharing bed bug pictures with you. It looks creepy and some people feel it ugly images but please bear with me, I can't do anything on these bug looks :)Bed Bug Bites Pictures ImagesAs we all know that every living organisms take birth, no one born adult ;) I'm right? So before going to adult bugs images look how bed bug babies look like. It is very small in size, infect it is very hard or impossible to see bed bugs egg. Although watching adult bed bug is not difficult. Now coming to point sharing you whole life cycle pictures of bed bugs from its birth period to adult.As you can see bed bug pass from seven stage of its life. As I already tell you it is very hard to see egg of lady bed bug because of his egg size which is around 1 mm long only. Which is very hard to detect. Lady bug generally place her egg at some hot dark place so that no one can see because of darkness.

So this is also a reason why bed bug population increase so high. There are several method also to kill bed bug eggs, which I will share in nest post that how to kill hidden bed bug. Till now check out some images of bug bites. How bed bug bites look like on human being.

Don't take these things easily, and yes those who are going to bed bugs sizes and thinking that they can't do you anything because they are very small. So for the guys who think like this, let me tell you these bed bugs are like bomb in small packet. So be aware that. Before they bite you get rid from them.

Bed Bug Bites Pictures

Male and female bed bug is slightly different in size, as expected it is because of baby which carry by lady bug which she carry most of time. Did you know each day she produce up to 5 eggs which is very good for them to make a society ;)

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Bedbug Bites

With the news being flooded about the rise of bed bugs in cities across the United States most Americans are still wondering what do bed bug bites look like? and how can they be treated?. Bed bugs are becoming more common in the United States, and bed bug infestations have been escalating since about 1995.

Somehow bed bugs were apparently common until the 1940s, when synthetic pesticides like DDT were introduced. Common theories as to their resurgence suggest that the cause is a lack of natural predators and species-wide resistance to several classes of pesticides.

Bed bugs are subtle nocturnal feeders that hide in bedding, mattresses/box springs, and furniture. They puncture the skin of their victims and feed on their blood. Such as mosquitoes and lice, their saliva contains proteins that anticoagulate blood and cause local allergic reactions. The bites themselves resemble small red spider bites that itch.

These annoying little critters may bite under loose fitting clothing. They leave behind bites may also occasionally flare up and resemble the lesions of an allergic reaction. Bed bugs do not spread human disease. Hep-B, hep-C, and HIV have all been looked at for transmission by bed bugs, no real evidence has been found for transmission.

Bed bug Bites in groups

Bed bug bites are usually last from 3 to 10 days, but if they are irritated and the skin is scratched it may result in scarring. Best to use are topical antihistamines, oral antihistamines also work but they take longer to work.

Best advice is not to attempt to fix a bed bug infestation in your homes by yourselves. If you think you may have an infestation of bed bugs, you should contact a pest control specialist. This is not a type of pest that can be treated and controlled with do-it-yourself measures. Over the counter pesticides are not effective on bed bugs. The pesticides that do work are too strong for an untrained person to use on their own as it may be misused and may harm them or their environment.

If you still require a dog we own a face licking Yorkie named Danee to play with you to keep u busy while we do our inspection.

Picture of Bed bug Bites

If you ever have any bug related questions feel free to call us either at Beyond Pest Control. Once again, and I cant stress this enough we are on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week to kill those bugs, we arent kidding whether you call us at 9 am or midnight we will be available to take your call and either get rid of the bug infestation, or answer any questions you may have concerning the bug issue. I can honestly guarantee that there will be someone to answer that call. We make it our business to make you bug free!

Our pest control specialists service all NYC boroughs, including Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island (both Nassau & Suffolk counties), Staten Island and even both Westchester & Rockland counties.

Bed Bug Inspection|Steaming bed bugs|bed bug report| bed bug menace|Bedbug Bites

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Welcome to Bed Bug Bites. We providing readers with information dedicated primarily to the Identification, detection and elimination of bed bugs. If you believe you have come in contact with bed bugs, then continue reading, everything you need to know is here.

The primary source of nutrition for bed bugs is blood. They feed on the blood of humans and furry animals. Blood helps them to grow and carry out their metabolic activities. Adult female bed bugs only require blood to reproduce eggs. At the moment, bed bug bites are not known to transmit any disease to humans. Video of a Bed Bugs feeding, click here

Clear indications of bed bugs include; blood stains on sheets, skin sheds, fecal stains, feces and presences of eggs and bedbugs. Bites are usually found in places that are exposed during sleep like face, neck, arms, shoulders and legs. Bed bugs often cluster together in colonies although you might find one or two-bed bugs living in isolation. Their bites appear in clusters, singly or in a reasonably straight or zigzag line. Bed bug bites are small and often dont appear except a day or two (and for some individuals several days) after the bite.

Different people react differently to the bites. Some show signs, others are allergic to the bites, while some dont even show any symptoms. During biting, bed bugs inject an anticoagulant. This anticoagulant is what is generally responsible for the way people react to a bed bug bite. Because people respond differently to the way the bites, it is common to see that the bite marks are different among individuals.

Different individuals react differently to bed bug bites. Some persons develop red swelling or itching a day or two after being bitten. However, for some, the bites may only be evident after a couple of days. Some individuals do not react in any way to bed bug bites, and these bites go unnoticed.

A good way of identifying bed bugs is the multiple straight small red marks they leave on their victims. Some bites are known to cause allergic reactions in some individuals. At the moment, bed bug bites are not known to transmit any disease. However, rashes, burning sensation and skin irritation may develop. It is vital to contact a medical professional if any of these symptoms appear.

Bed bugs are bloodsuckers. They feed on blood. In other words, to ensure their survival, they must feed on blood. Common bed bugs usually feed on humans and furry animals. Other species of bed bugs feed on bats, and poultry depending on the species.

Often, a single bed bug can take more than one bite on its host. They use their mouth-parts to locate suitable blood vessels for their consumption. Finding the right blood vessels usually take more than a bite. This is why victims of bed bug bites often see several bite marks on their body. It is essential to know the bite marks are not an indication of the number of bed bugs that feed on the host. Also, movement by the host when the Bedbug is feeding, makes the bugs to change their feeding position. Bed bugs are motion sensitive.

Continuous scratching of the bite site and failure to keep it disinfected and clean can lead to infections. Generally, people with weak immune systems such as the elderly and children (including those that are bedridden) can quickly develop a secondary infection resulting from bed bug bites.

Bedbug Bites on pets like cats and dogs is very similar to those on humans. Pet owners often mistake bed bugs bite for other insects bites because of the close similarities. Bedbugs upon biting the pets, move back to their hiding place to digest the blood. Typical signs of bed bugs on pets include the bite marks, fecal stains, skin sheds and sometimes the animals become irritated at night. Pet owners should continuously inspect the beddings of the pets for any signs or indications of bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Bites on Humans Pictures, Treatment & Control
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Explore bed bug bites pictures and learn how this small bugs can cause unwanted marks on your face, ankles, legs chest or back. I will also examine bed bug bites in babies and advise you on the best ways to eradicate the bite marks. It is worth noting here that bite marks are one of the earliest symptoms of a bed bug infestation.

Do you know how to identify bed bug bites? If not, then look for these symptoms and signs of bed bug bites. Some of the common symptoms include itching and burning, raised, red swellings similar to mosquito bites, and straight lashes of numerous bites.

In life-threatening conditions, bed bug bites may lead to difficulties in breathing, large blisters, anemia, fever, irregular or changes in heartbeat, and swollen tongue.

For people whose skin is sensitive to insect bites, there will be a certain reaction known as bed bug bite bumps. The main skin indications are typically swollen red bumps. The appearance of this bed bug bite symptom resembles a papule, a welt or a wheal, another word for inflamed skin area.

Bed bug bites can cause itchiness. First, a victim can notice a minor burning sensation. Afterward, the scorching area grows red bumps. In severe occasions, bites can turn into skin inflammations similar to a blister or swell dramatically.

It takes about 12 hours for bumps to appear after being bitten. But, quite often, the bumps swell to full size 24 to 48 hours after being bitten with some itch.

The intensity of the itch may increase after like 36 hours after the occurrence of the bed bug bite. Moreover, there can be the appearance of a rashas well. Learn more about bed bug bites bumps.

The degree of skin reaction to bed bug bite varies. The response depends on many influencers including how many times the victim is bitten.

Human skin is pierced with elongated beaks when bed bugs bite. Initially, bed bug bites are not that painful and the victim may notice after several hours or days after the bite. That lets the pests to extract blood for like 10 minutes per bite.

Most bed bug bites heal after one or two weeks after the bite and may not lead to any long-term problems. But, it can take longer or about three weeks for people with stronger sensitivities to bug bites to heal.

The question on whether bed bugs can bite through clothes is amazing. Its a fact that wearing long outfit that shields the better part of your skin can be a perfect way to protect your body against bed bug bites.

The sucking mouth part or sucker of the bed bugs is not as long as would be required to pierce through clothing to draw blood via your skin. Therefore, bed bugs bites cannot penetrate through both the skin and clothes to get entry to your bloodstream.

Consequently, if your home or house is a bed bug infested, you can confidently get some protection from bed bug bites by wearing certain kind of protective garment. You can read more on bed bug bites through clothing in this article.

Comparing bed bug bites versus other insect bites is the main reason contributing to medical consultations. While some pest stings and bites may only persist for a couple of minutes, others can last for days or even weeks. The insect stings or bites that last for more than the expected time are commonly linked to an allergy.

According to Terminix, an exposed skin is the most common area where bed bug bites happen. These skin exposure areas include shoulders, arms, neck, back, feet, and upper body.

A comparison between bed bug bites and flea bites is very important when it comes to treating insect bites. At first, it may be very challenging to understand the variance between the two sorts of bites.

Ordinarily, flea bites randomly spread on the victims body. On the contrary, bed bugs have a habit of biting more deliberately in line patterns.

While bed bug bites are usually scattered across the body, flea bites, on the other hand, are frequently positioned on the ankles and legs. That is because these body parts are easier for bed bugs to get to.

Both bed bug bites and flea bites cause swelling and allergies to humans and animals.

Some of the major factors one should look out for when discussing bed bug bites vs. mosquito bites include the reaction time and appearance and location of the bites.

Mosquito bites begin to itch immediately and are instantly visible. This pests bite leads to a raised white welt coupled with red and oddly shaped boundaries. It takes one day or so for mosquito bites to become a red bump. Furthermore, mosquito bites typically resolve by on their own faster.

In contrast, whereas nearly everybody bitten by a mosquito reacts, some people bitten by bed bugs dont have reactions at all. Also, bed bug bites may take a considerable time to show up.

People with bed bug bites develop red, flat welts that usually dont itch at first. However, with time, they will react.

Concerning the look of pest bites, only cuts from bed bugs are likely to line up with the sheet edge or the point where the mattress meets your body. Bites by bed bugs tend to occur in a row or line formation.

Mosquito bites, instead, are often isolated and random. Besides, mosquito bites cannot penetrate clothing. Only bed bug bites that go through clothing because they can crawl under clothes to reach your body.

Both mosquitoes and bed bugs prefer biting exposed skin.

Since you now understand the variances amid bed bug bites vs. mosquito bites, what of spider bites?

While bed bugs usually bite at night, spider bites happen at any period of the day. Moreover, bed bug bites usually itch whereas spider bites are normally painful.

Here, you will see a wide collection of pictures on bed bug bites on the face. The photos depict a varied range of symptoms victims of the bed bug bites exhibit.

The bites frequently occur on the face. Bed bugs look for exposed skin to bite. That makes a face their prime target.

Symptoms may vary from one victim to the other. The picture above indicates a slight reaction of bites. Similarly, the bites illustrated in the picture underneath lead to a more grave allergic skin response with raised red swellings.

Bed bug bites on arms are also very common. Arms are other favorite targets for bed bugs.

If you slept with your arm resting on the infested mattress seam, there will be the appearance of straight pattern or line of bug bites. Separatebites can as well arise from a small skin area. Bites by bed bugs can be fairly itchy bit diminish on their own after a couple of days.

The picture above depicts a slight bed bug bite reaction on the arm. The photo below conversely demonstrates bed bug bites with stronger marks of allergic reaction.

Bites on feet are possible since feet are one of the exposed skin parts when people go to bed. The MayoClinic suggests that bed bug bites on feet tend to appear in a cluster or a line.

Moreover, one does not necessarily have to be still or lie down to get abite. That is because bed bugs are by nature stealth and generally get out at night to feed. According to Gangloff-Kaufmann, sleeping makes people vulnerable to the bites.

Any reaction to a bite by these pests is just an allergic reaction called hypersensitivity. Sometimes people bitten by bugs for the first time seldom react, and if they do, it can be a small reaction.

Everybody bitten by a bed bug is likely to have a minor cut spot instigatedby a stylet. More often, this mark is called a white part at the middle of the bite. It is not always noticeable.

Babies and toddlers prone to bed bug bites are those who sleep in different environments. Its because they are unprotected from and exposed to several possible bed bug habitats.

One can know if bed bugs bite the baby or toddler if the child is rubbing or scratching their legs or arms against something.

Bites on babies start as small bruises before becoming red bumps on exposed body parts. That includes the face, chest, legs, and arms.

Sometimes, there can be clustered shapes of about three bites in a row, popularly called,

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It may take approximately two weeks for self-resolution from the bug bites. Dark skin areas may be left on the skin, also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

These are at the back of the neck because that is part of the body part which is in direct contact with the mattress. Since bed bugs like to hide in mattress for easier access of your skin, the neck becomes a vulnerable target. The picture below depicts how bed bug bites at the back of the neck look like.

Are you wondering how bites on the back occur? Well, bed bugs also like to feast on their victims back, plus any other uncovered body part.

Since bed bugs seldom penetrate clothing to bite the skin, they often look for body parts that are exposed including the back.

These two pictures indicates what may occur if you fail to cover up your back.

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Why does dust mite bite? A critical look at the dust mite bites, pictures, human, allergy, rash and how to get rid of them.

dust mite bite on human

Dust mites are the types of insects that like to eat the dead skin of people. They however dont suck blood. Dandruff, the dead skin as well as hair are the things that they want. But, most of the people complain much of having dust mite bites in the form of the red, itchy bumps.

The reactions that they have to the dust mite bites are much similar to the mosquito or even the bed bug bites reactions.

People can also think that they are being bit by the tiny dust mites, but they are having an allergic reaction to the dust mite bites. The red as well as the itchy skin is in fact that an allergic reaction to the proteins that are found in the waste products of the dust mites.

Allergens that are produced by the dust mites normally lead to skin reactions as well as the irritations that might resemble insect bites.Dust mites are very tiny that it is much impossible to be seen by the naked eye. They usually live in mattresses, carpets and also the furniture. They also breed on the dead skin cells of people.

The droppings of the dust mites are usually the most dangerous as they normally cause breathing problems.Allergy is the common symptom brought about by these tiny insects. There is a bigger number of people who also react to the dust mites feces. Stuffy nose, skin rash, wheezing and also many other symptoms are all the allergic reactions that they may suffer from.Dust mites are very tiny bugs that are in the spider family. They usually live in the house dust and also feed on the dead skin cells that humans normally shed. Dust mites are able to survive in all the climates and at most of the altitudes. They also thrive in very warm environments, normally preferring the temperatures that are at 21C and about 70 percent relative humidity.

When a person breathe in the waste products of the dust mites, then the immune system kicks into higher gear, thus producing antibodies that are against the normally harmless substances. The immune response leads to the symptoms that are associated with the dust mite allergy, like sneezing and also runny nose.

According to theAsthma and the Allergy Foundation of America, this type of allergy affects about 25 million people in the United States alone. Aside from the allergy symptoms, long-term exposure to the dust mite allergens can cause sinus infections and the asthma.

dust mite rash on skin

Dust mite bites are just a myth. People can think that they are being bit by something, but in real sense they are experiencing an allergic reaction to the dust mite. Not the dust mite bites itself, the feaces of the dust mite. The reaction is usually from thestomach enzymesof the dust mites.

Dust mites are very predominant in the bedroom as that is where a person sleeps. Which, for most of the people, and spend most of their time. This is also where most of the dead skin peels off. A person may be having covers that almost rub off the dead skin when a person move.

This is the main reason why a person have more dead skin in the bed. Dust mites would better be in a place that there is the most food for them to feed on.

An allergy is thus the immune systems response especially to an unknown substance thats not always harmful to the body. These substances are known as allergens. They can include some foods and dust mite bites.

People who are much allergic to the dust mites have very bad reactions to the remnants of the bugs. The remnants are the tiny mounds of feces as well as the decaying bodies.

A person can also have a relatively clean house, but it doesnt take a lot to create an environment that is fit for the dust mites. In fact, the average bedroom is normally the ideal place for the dust mites. Bedding, and furniture cushions all trap and also hold the moisture, thus allowing the tiny bugs to flourish.

Over a period of time, a person might experience increased allergy symptoms as he continues to breathe in the dust mites waste particles.

Its very vital to note that dust can be a sneeze-inducing annoyance for anyone, but only some people have the immune responses that will constitute a dust mite allergy.

Dust mite allergy symptoms might range from being very mild to too severe. They can include the following:

dust mite allergy

You can then experience additional symptoms if you have experienced asthma and also are allergic to the dust mite bites. These symptoms are:

You should then see an allergist if you find the symptoms are much worse at home, more especially when cleaning or even when you go to sleep. An allergist is a person who diagnoses and also treats allergies, and he can as well diagnose a dust mite allergy.

The allergist can apply diagnostic tests so as to determine whether a person has a dust mite allergy. The common type is a skin-prick test. During the test, the allergist pricks an area of the skin using a small extract of the allergen.

The allergist will then wait about 30 minutes to see if the skin has any negative reactions. If you the skin have a reaction, then you will develop a large bump that is around the pricked spot of skin. The skin area can also be red and itchy.

A blood test is at times used instead of the skin test. A blood test can only screen for the antibodies, so the results may not be as much accurate.

The best treatment option is to limit the amount of exposure to the dust mite bites. If that doesnt perform as expected, there are many over-the-counter and prescription medications that may assist relieve the symptoms of a dust mite allergy:

Other treatments that can provide relief include:

Rinsing the nasal passages using warm salt water, called the nasal lavage, mostly on a daily basis is also another effective way that can to clear the allergens from the sinuses. You can do this using either a squeeze bottle oreven the neti pot.

Bedding is the perfect breeding ground for the dust mites. Its normally the perfect temperature and also humidity for them, and the people who are curled up provide an unlimited food supply.

Its not a losing battle for the people who have dust mite bites allergies. You might take the following steps so as to assist to make sure that the bed stays dust-mite free:

There are several ways that can be used to manage the dust mites. Unlike with the outside allergens like the pollen, you might keep the dust mites under control using a few key steps:

dust mite rash

After a person has been bitten by a bed bug, then the bites do not appear right away. Sometimes it can even take a few days for a person to notice the symptoms.

Red, itchy dust mite bites that are on the arms and also the shoulders are the first sign that can indicate that you have been bitten by the bed bug. But, itchy skin in bed not the bed bug can also occur as some of the other conditions may also cause similar symptoms.

Bed bug bites are usually in the straight rows, rather than the ones that are sporadically placed across the skin. They may also happen anywhere, but most of the commonly are found on the skin that is exposed while you are in bed. If you do not observe any of the signs, it might be something other than the bed bugs

The occasional skin rash may be brought about by most of the things including insect bites, reaction to chemicals as well as the childhood diseases.

Most of the people have suffered at one time but it becomes a very real problem when the rash is much persistent, painful as well as debilitating. The worst examples are brought about by the allergies, chief among which is the atopic dermatitis more commonly called Eczema.

The skin becomes red, itchy and is sore. Typical body skin areas where the rash happens are the inner elbow, back of the knees, neck and ankles.

In the more serious cases, the rash might spread to all parts of the body thus becoming a major medical condition that must be treated using a competent medical professional. In the less serious cases however, it is the persistence of the rash which is of most concern.

For the itchy in bed not the bed bugs, the culprit might also be the dust mites. This is normally a tiny relative of the spider that usually lives on mattresses, and carpets are dust mites. These insects feed on the flakes of the skin that are normally left behind by the people and also the pets.

Warm humid locations are also the best for breeding of the dust mites. These small mites are also very common causes of the asthma.

If the symptoms are worse during bedtime or even in the morning, then the culprit is normally a dust mite allergy.

Dust mites are found everywhere in homes and it is very much impossible to completely get rid of them using insecticides or the most meticulous cleaning regime.

They usually leave their droppings behind on bedding and any soft absorbent surface and when the droppings are disturbed by getting into bed, or opening curtains, they then rise up in the cloud and people breathe them in or they settle on the skin.

Dust mite allergy is brought about by proteins that are found in the dust mite droppings that we have breathed in or which normally come in contact with the skin this leads to an allergic reaction in most of the people. In fact it is estimated that 75% of the population is usually affected to some extent by dust mite allergy.

Sometimes the reaction happens on the skin as the rashes or even much seriously, cracked skin and insufferable sensitivity.

In other indicated cases, the reaction takes the form of the breathing problems, runny nose or even the eyes, coughing as well as asthma. Research has estimated that about 35% of asthma attacks are triggered by dust mite allergy.

It is not very uncommon to have most of the symptoms at the same time, so dust mite allergy becomes a very serious problem.

dust mite picture

If the skin allergy rash or even the eczema is brought about or aggravated by dust mite allergy, there is a safe treatment that can help to alleviate the symptoms. It will not cure the skin allergy but can also make life very much pleasant by removing or even reducing of the unpleasant symptoms that you currently suffer.

The treatment is normally based on de-naturing the protein in the dust mite droppings which leads to the allergic reaction.

This is usually achieved by spraying of all the areas dust mites live and also breed, especially the bedding and soft furnishings, using an aqueous based anti-allergen solution that immediately de-activates the harmful protein which leads to the problem.

When people are in contact with the allergen, the body now does not recognize it as the shape has completely changed and no given allergic reaction occurs.

It is simple to know if dust mite bites allergy is leading to or even aggravating the skin allergy rash problem.

Applying topical corticosteroids or even an oral antihistamine can assist to ease the symptoms and provide a person with relief from the itching. Antimicrobial therapy is also another option that can be used for the burrowing mites.

Mites that do not normally burrow can bite a person and lead to a similar reaction as those that do. You can apply a topical corticosteroid or even an oral antihistamine for these also to control the pruritus.

Avoid picking at and also scratching of the itchy, irritated skin. Doing so might lead to permanent damage to the skin that leaves scars behind. If the itching does not stop with the given methods, you may be required to visit a doctor for a stronger treatment.

Obtain a sample of the allergy control spray and follow the three simple steps:

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Next point to think about is about the plan and coloration. If you want to earn your bed bug bites get rid of bed bugs pictures treatment being a center position, then you should create the additional home furniture to check less eloquent and fancy as the dining table. You can attempt to choose a desk using delicate skins or noticeable pattern. Deciding on the appropriate how does a bed bug look can play a large part within the total appearance of ones bedding. Once again, fit the theme of the bedding together with the desk coloring. As an example, if the area is mostly white, then you definitely are able to add a shade by installing a dark or brown dining table.

If it regards a bed bug bites get rid of bed bugs pictures treatment, getting luxurious and fancy can be a good plus point. But, it cant afford all the costly, luxury furniture, you can hack it that your room will seem counter-intuitive without needing to shell out too much dollars. You may use fancy sheets, coverings, and pillowcases in order which they create a very eccentric accent into your bedding. It is possible to even utilize used furniture that still usable and also looks good for your own what bed bug bites look like. Once more, staying fancy is not about furniture. You are able to hack on your room to look skinnier by adding little details with a superior sense of style and design.

This Bed Bug Bites Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Pictures Treatment the gallery form How Do Bed Bugs Look Like. Hopefully you can find the best inspiration from our gallery here.

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