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Tests show Monkey Joe's does not have bedbugs

Post date: February 20th, 2014


A Lexington play center reports it is clear of bedbugs after one parent posted on social media that her child contracted bedbugs after visiting the business.

Monkey Joe's in Lexington had a preliminary inspection Wednesday morning by Cayce Exterminating and another review Wednesday afternoon by Bed Bug Detection Services in Isle of Palms, which came with a bedbug dog to do the inspection. Both inspections reported the play center is free of bedbugs.

"In an effort to be expedient as possible, we reached out to two separate pest control companies, one of which recommended the dog," said Kelly Ronna, a spokeswoman for Monkey Joe's. "It is our understanding that a human inspection is the most thorough possible; however, as we are taking this situation very seriously, we wanted to be as thorough as possible."

The bedbug report at Monkey Joe's surfaced on Facebook Tuesday when Lexington mother Nicole Struck said her 10-month-old daughter contracted bedbugs after her first visit to Monkey Joe's in Lexington on Feb. 4.

Struck posted pictures of the supposed bedbugs and wrote about her allegations on Facebook. She also contacted local media outlets to share her daughter's story.

Since authoring the post, Struck was contacted by Monkey Joe's employees to say the business had the inspections. Struck said her daughter is still recovering from the bedbug bites.

Monkey Joe's Lexington owner Brad Ballington said the business is cleaned weekly by Swisher Hygiene.

"Swisher is a service that reduces exposure to germs and cross contamination," Ballington said. "This practice removes the surface bacteria for a minimum of seven days, ensuring Monkey Joe's is covered from one weekly visit to the next."

WIS contacted Swisher Hygiene, but has not received a response from the company.

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Bed Bug Bite Pictures –

Post date: January 17th, 2014

Bed bug bite pictures are one of the main things people come to this site to see. I've already given you some examples and descriptions of bed bug bite symptoms. But I think it is important to give you more examples.

Don't get too caught up trying to figure out if you have bed bug bites based just on pictures though. Other kinds of bug bites could look similar. Bites might suggest a bed bug problem but they are not conclusive.

If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, you'll need to go further than just dealing with the bites. You need to check for all the signs of bed bugs in your home (or hotel/hostel if traveling). Here are some more bed bug bite photos for you.

In this picture, you can see bed bug bites on a person's shoulder. The bites appear in the top right and bottom left of the photo.

Image credit: raebrune

Reader plbjt5 had an unpleasant experience in Cyprus.

These bed bug bite pictures below are courtesy of Dr. Louis Sorkin.

Red spots show a just few hours after bed bug nymphs fed. In this case, Dr. Sorkin let a large number of bed bugs feed on this small area of his hand. That doesn't mean you will necessarily see such a large number of bites concentrated on a small area of your body too.

Bed bug nymphs feed on Dr. Sorkin's hand (the pink area is a birthmark so don't get confused and think this is what a bed bug bite will look like).

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Bed Bug Bite Pictures -
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Once thought to be eradicated from North America, the legendary little pests known as bed bugs have been making an unwelcome comeback in hotels and homes. Lest you think bed bugs are relegated to fleabag motels, they have been spotted in the posher locales as well.

What Are Bed Bugs? Bed bugs are the common name for Cimex lectularius, a reddish-brown, oval-shaped insect that can grow to a quarter of an inch long. Bed bugs are wingless and survive by sucking blood from a host animal, preferably a human. See: Bed Bug Pictures and What's a Bed Bug?

Why Are They Called Bed Bugs? Bed bugs commonly hide in mattresses, carpets, behind peeling paint or wallpaper, and in crevices in wooden furniture (like in the cracks of the wooden headboard of a bed). Bugs are nocturnal and typically bite people while they sleep in an infested bed. Bugs are usually active just before dawn. See pictures of bed bug bites.

Why Are Bed Bugs Reappearing? Bed bugs were once all but eradicated with broad-spectrum pesticides such as DDT, which killed a wide variety of bug types. Concerns about health and the environment led to many of these pesticides being removed from the market. Today, pest control methods are more focused, designed to kill a particular species (like cockroaches). Bed bugs, since they are not specifically being targeted, are slipping through the cracks.

Where Did Bed Bugs Come From? Bed bugs travel surprisingly well, and are quite comfortable stowing away in luggage and even clothing. The bugs are increasingly found hiding in beds, upholstered furniture and behind baseboards in urban hotels in America. Since they tend to stow away and travel with humans, any place that sees a number of world travelers is susceptible. Pilots, wealthy people, and business travelers can bring bed bugs along unwittingly.

What Can You Do to Avoid Bed Bugs? Look around. Bed bugs are large enough to see. Look particularly under the mattress and in the seams, in and around the bed frame, and along any cracks or peeling paint in the wall or picture frames. Check for bed bugs in the cracks of any wooden furniture, particularly antiques. You can also spot droppings from bed bugs, which may be tinged with blood. See: Are Bed Bugs in My Hotel?

What Should You Do if You Are Bitten by Bed Bugs? Bed bugs bite exposed skin and leave behind small, red, itchy welts. The good news? Bed bugs are not generally thought to transmit any diseases. The damage is more emotional than physical. The CDC does say that bites from bed bugs can be treated with topical emollients or corticosteroids. You can also take an oral antihistamine. If you are exposed, you may consider treating your home as well. See: Are Bedbug Bites Dangerous?, Is This a Bed Bug Bite?, and Treatments for Bedbug Bites

What Should You Do if Bed Bugs Are in Your House? Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate. They hide well and can go up to a year without feeding. However, it's important to rid your house of them as soon as possible, as they can breed and spread very quickly. Most pest control companies are equipped to handle bed bugs. There are a few home remedies you can also use to protect yourself, your clothes and your furniture. See: Bed Bug Control and Bed Bug Spray

Have you seen bed bugs up close? Send me your pictures of bed bugs or bed bug bites.

Battled Bed Bugs Yourself?

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Bed Bugs - What You Need To Know - Bites, Signs, Getting Rid ...
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Pictures of Bed Bug Bites – Hotels

Post date: December 20th, 2013

Question: Where Can I See Pictures of Bed Bug Bites?

Many victims of bed bugs have generously agreed to put pictures of their bed bug bites online in order to help others. The pictures aren't always the best quality, as it can be hard to take a snapshot of your own bites. But these pictures of bed bug bites can give you a good idea of the size and pattern of actual bed bug bites to help you identify them.

Readers of this site have sent in over two dozen pictures of their bed bug bites, suffered both in hotels and at their homes. They took the time to write down a bit about their experiences with bed bugs and the resulting bites. A wide variety of people and their reactions to the bed bug bites are shown in the pictures, to give you an idea of the range of reactions possible. has a helpful page of pictures of bed bug bites, including one rash in the shape of the devil. They've also started a Flickr group for bed bugs and pictures of bed bug bites. Bedbugger also has a picture of bed bug bites on etymologist Lou Sorkin's arm after he allowed hundreds of them to feast on his arm.

Bad Bed has a series of comments and questions from people with bed bug bites, some of whom have posted pictures.

Get answers to more of your questions about bed bug bites:

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites - Hotels
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Bed Bug Bite Pictures – Bad Bed Bugs

Post date: December 14th, 2013

This is comment page 2 of Bed Bug Bites.

Bed Bug Bites Main Page Bed Bug Bites comment Page 1 of 8 Bed Bug Bites comment Page 2 of 8 Bed Bug Bites comment Page 3 of 8 Bed Bug Bites comment Page 4 of 8 Bed Bug Bites comment Page 5 of 8 Bed Bug Bites comment Page 6 of 8 Bed Bug Bites comment Page 7 of 8 Bed Bug Bites comment Page 8 of 8

John G. says:

February 11, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Michelle, those are flea bites. You can check for fleas by spreading a white sheet on your carpet and then watch for them when they land on the sheet. Fleas jump around and thats why this works to check for the presence of fleas. They are much easier to get rid of. Be thankful if it turns out to be just fleas.

Michelle says:

February 8, 2011 at 12:02 pm

Hi there, I have moved from a hospital Spain Mallorca to New Zealand and in both countries i have been experiencing these bites that happen at night and are extremely itchy. I have tea tree oil in my shampoo and body wash and i put it in my body cream too just to relieve the itching!

I find the bed here has a foul oudour but i have yet to discover any black spots or other signs of bedbugs as we have carpets and a red sheet.

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By Marcia Anderson

I receive complaints from residents who have, or think they have bed bugs, and are desperately seeking help. These people have exhausted all possible sources of help: landlords, pest control operators, over-the-counter products, and online solutions. Desperate, they contact the EPA, and are referred to a Bed Bug expert in their Region me. The first thing I do is calm them down and reassure them that there is hope. They can get rid of bed bugs. By sharing this story that crossed my desk, I hope to help others in similar situations.

Sean e-mailed me; We are convinced we have bed bugs. My wife thinks she found a bed bug. We have read articles on-line, and looked at pictures, and then we sprayed, heated, caulked, washed, dried, and wrapped our mattress and box spring in bed bug cases (encasements). We are getting bitten every night. After thorough inspection we still see nothing. Is it possible they are elsewhere in the house, in our vehicles? Should we spray more? And what brand?

My follow up call revealed that Seans family had moved recently, and the itching continued through the entire move. Whatever was bothering them had traveled with them. And the problem was becoming unbearable. Had they collected any live bugs? No. Nor had they seen any of the tell tale signs of bed bugs: shed skins, corpses, blood stains, or droppings on the bed sheets.

Scabies mites burrow into the skin resulting in open sores on hands, wrists, elbows, or anywhere on the body. Scabies is diagnosed through microscopic examination of skin scrapings taken from the affected area.

I told Sean, From what you describe, and the controls you have put in place, I dont think you have bed bugs. Lets try Plan B. Was the family being plagued with spiders, carpet beetles, mites? I suggested he contact the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program at Cornell University.

Sean wrote Cornell, Marcia Anderson of EPA referred me to you. After describing our situation, Marcia doesnt think we have bed bugs. We know what they look like, where to find them, and how to get rid of them. The bites are so itchy, we scratch until we bleed! We have tried numerous anti-itch creams, but none take away the itch!

Cornell provided some excellent information and recommended a pest control company inspection. Later, a frustrated Sean called me again. Still no bugs but horrid itching. I suggested they visit a dermatologist to diagnose the bites.

Sean wrote back; Marcia, you were right. We thought we had bed bugs, but it turned out to be scabies! We were successfully treated by a dermatologist. My son got them at daycare.

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Bed bugs? | “The Bites are so Itchy, we Scratch until we ...
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Below youll find comments from visitors around the world that include pictures of themselves covered with bed bug bites; many share their experiences in hopes that youll be able to avoid the pain they suffered along with tips on treating the bites and more. Great information here!

Besides the pictures in the comments below, Ive also included 5 images (click on each to see larger version) of a bedbug infested mattress.

Here is a picture of Vanessas young son who after going to to doctor was told the bites were from bed bugs. As you can see from the picture to your right, they can be damaging! Its important not to scratch these bites as doing so will cause scabbing and could leave a scar! Click on the image to enlarge. The full story about their family vacation gone wrong is found below.

This image, is from Ava, is of her neck after being bitten up by bed bugs. Her son had being bitten up for many months, the doctors suggested scabies or fleas but couldnt tell for sure and a search of the house didnt turn up anything. A few months later when her son complained of his skin crawling in the middle of the night, Ava found discovered his bedframe and mattress were completely covered in them they were in the middle of the attack! She also covers what she used to repel the bugs in her comment.

Below is a story by Rob who had a number of bites and after a lot of research found out that indeed he had bed bugs thanks for sharing Rob!

I just discovered the cause of my skin reaction this morning. Been spending a lot of time at a friends place and the week of Halloween started to get red spots that were intense in the itch. It just got worse and worse. Dermatologist did a biopsy and found no bacteria or virus. Skin scrapping found no fungus. It was a matter of finding out what was causing it as the my skin was swollen to the point of hiding any bite markings. It only affected my legs, feet, arms, upper back, chest, neck, and shoulders. No midsection bites.

On Tuesday my arm was getting really bad after spending the night at my friends place. At home I got out of the shower and by my jeans I found what I thought was a tick. I killed it and tossed it. Called the doctor and said my arm was very bad and mentioned the bug. He saw me that day and put me on predisone. Last night I took the antihistamine rx he gave me and it knocked me out as its stronger than benedryl. I feel asleep on my friends shaggy carpet for about an hour and half. Woke up and was sitting on the sofa when I saw what I thought to be a tick run across my shorts.

Im a huge bug scardy pants and called my friend to remove the bug but not kill it as the doctor wanted me to try and capture any bug I found. Brought it in this morning as he was removing the stitches from the biopsy and he looked it up. Showed me the stripes on the body under a magnifying glass matching the images from his book. Read to me how some people experience intense reactions like I was showing while my friend only has bite marks.

Continued here:
Bed Bug Bites – Pictures and Photos of Bedbug Attacks
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12 Pictures of Bed Bug Bites – HubPages

Post date: November 2nd, 2013

It is difficult to identify bed bug rashes because every person can have a different reaction to bed bug bites.

Plus, there are thousands of rashes in the world, making it difficult to distinguish them.

Not to mention that there are some people who d not get bed bug rashes, no matter how many times they are bitten.

Without actually finding bed bugs, it is almost impossible to know if bed bugs caused your rash.

If you only have a rash, but no signs of bed bugs, then you CAN NOT assume you have them. The rash could be caused by any number of triggers.

If you are stumped about whether or not you have these bloodsuckers, you can always call a professional for a consultation.

I have a lot of requests for pictures of bed bites on kids.

More bed bite pictures can be found at Pictures of Bed Bug Bites on Kids and Mosquito Bite Pictures Versus Bed Bug Bites.

It is essential to look at as many pictures as possible because not all bed bug rashes look the same.

There are many different types of rashes a person can get from these crafty critters.

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12 Pictures of Bed Bug Bites - HubPages
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Bed bug bites: pictures Last updated 23 July 2013

Please read: These are bed bug bite pictures submitted by Bedbugger readers or found on the bed bugs pool on flickr. Click photo to get to flickr, and choose all sizes to see larger photos.

Bed bug bites look very different from one person to another. Some bedbug bites are larger, some smaller, some have a red dot in the center, or a scab, others dont, some look like mosquito bites or pimples. Some bed bug bites are in groups of 2 or three (a pattern known as breakfast, lunch, and dinner), or in a line, or in a circle. Others are always single bites.

Ive heard from experts that whether you get multiple bites in a pattern may have to do with whether the bed bug is disturbed while feeding (if you move, they may move and start over) and also whether your veins are easily accessed by the bed bugs (if they are, they need pierce only once).

Dermatologists and PCOs cannot identify a bed bug bite or distinguish it from something with another cause.

A dermatologist can test a skin reaction and determine its an insect bite, but cannot be certain its from bed bugs.

Many people dont even react to bed bug bites.

For this reason, you cant be sure you have bed bugs unless you find visual evidence (bed bugs, a cast skin, bed bug eggs, or fecal stains). See this gallery for pictures of bed bugs and signs of bed bugs.

However, people still do ask what bed bug bites look like, so below are some examples.

Note that we have a FAQ on remedies for itching caused by bed bug bites, and additional posts about bed bug bites, photos of bed bugs bites and bed bugs biting, and other related topics.

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