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Mattress Cleaning and Mattress Cleaning Services

Mattress Cleaning Adelaide - Can you believe how bed bugs look. They sure are ugly, yes? Mattresses are the key to one of our most important activities, sleep. Dust mites are microscopic in size and feed on the dead skin cells that flake off our bodies while we sleep.

Contact us today, and we will be glad to give you a consultation on the best mattress cleaning package for your needs.

Mattress Cleaning and Mattress Cleaning Services
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Waking up several times during the night with itchy skin, Mr and Mrs E (whose names have been withheld) have not had a good nights sleep in almost a year. They have tried everything from tossing out their belongings including bedding replacing the wooden bed with a metal-framed one, and flea bombing their subdivided apartment numerous times. But they still cant get rid of their unwanted intruders, bed bugs.

Watch Hong Kong is Disneyland for bed bugs video

Theyre getting desperate, because Mrs E is pregnant and due to give birth any day. On a visit to their cramped apartment in Cheung Sha Wan with Francisco Pazos, head technician of pest control company, Pazos lifts the blanket and immediately sees the small dark insects crawling on the bed. Many more appear as he moves the mattress.

Judging by the amount of droppings, Pazos estimates there are more than a million bed bugs in the apartment, and classifies the case as an extreme infestation. The neighbouring apartments are likely to be crawling in them, he says.

Bed bugs (Cimex hemipterus) feed on blood, are arguably the most irritating household pests, and are indiscriminate lodgers. They can be found in all types of homes, clean or dirty, big or small.

Pazos next takes us to a luxurious, 3,700 sq ft Mid-Levels flat. One of two domestic helpers suspects the critters hitchhiked to Hong Kong with her employer when he returned from a trip to the mainland. The parasites have since spread to all of the bedrooms.

Bed bug infestations are on the rise - and the pests are hard to kill

Hong Kong is on the verge of a major bed bug epidemic, Pazos warns. There are only two types of households in Hong Kong: those who have bed bugs and those who will have bed bugs.

The Spanish expert, who has dealt with the pests for more than 10 years, says the city is a Disneyland for bed bugs because the high population density and small, cluttered homes are perfect breeding conditions. Seams of mattresses, crevices in furniture and cracks between floorboards are all ideal hiding places for bed bugs.

Pazo says his team receives more than 500 phone enquiries a month. They visit some districts more frequently, such as Tung Chung and Ho Man Tin, but Pazos says this is not a reflection of how severe the problem is in these areas. Rather, middle-class families in these neighbourhoods are more likely to have the financial means to pay for treatment. The cost ranges from HK$1,500 to HK$18,000, depending on the type of treatment, size of the home and the level of infestation.

The resurgence of bed bugs is a worldwide problem. They were almost wiped out in the 1960s through use of the pesticide DDT. The pesticide was later found to have wide-ranging harmful effects, and was banned worldwide in 2001 under the Stockholm Convention. Since then, the critters have made a comeback.

We experienced a sudden reappearance around 2000, followed by rapid population growth, mirrored across most of Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, says Dr Richard Naylor, an entomologist from University of Sheffield, in northern England, who studies the bloodsuckers behaviour.

One theory about the spread of bed bugs in Hong Kong is that they are imported from the mainland, where migrant workers dormitories and trains have spread the pest rapidly across the country. Shenzhen has a large immigrant population and many factory dorms, where bed bug infestations are often reported. Considering its vicinity to Hong Kong, the risk of bed bugs spreading from Shenzhen to Hong Kong is high, says Dr Changlu Wang, an entomologist from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

New York, with a population density comparable to Hong Kongs, suffered a mass infestation in 2010, when bedbugs were reported in hotels, shops and cinemas. City authorities had received more than 8,000 complaints in 2008 alone.

Sleeping in McDonalds better than in a bug-infested bed at home, says Hong Kong McSleeper

Statistics on the number of homes affected are difficult to obtain because many sufferers are too embarrassed to report the problem. There is a stigma surrounding bed bugs. People believe that they are associated with dirty places, which isnt true. But because of this, people tend not to talk about the problem, Naylor says.

Some people may be aware of the problem because not everyone reacts to their bite.

Cheung (who didnt want her full name revealed) took her eight-year-old son to two doctors when he developed rashes on his skin. One doctor laughed off the suggestion the rash could have been caused by insect bites.

Our youngest son was being eaten alive and was misdiagnosed by two different doctors, who put him on antihistamines for several weeks, Cheung says. The drugs made him drowsy but his rashes just got worse. The cause was only discovered after another of Cheungs sons got rashes from bites, and they did some online research.

The easiest way to tell if you have a bed bug problem is by looking for droppings pin head sized black dots normally found on bedsheets, Pazos says. Another way is to blow hot air from a hairdryer into the corners of a wooden bed, which will flush them out. They are typically brown and flat, and up to 4.5mm long.

Bed bugs possess many qualities that make them hard to get rid of. Containing an infestation is notoriously difficult due to how quickly they grow and reproduce. An adult female bed bug can lay about 25 eggs a week. The life cycle from egg to adult takes about six weeks, which means if a single female bug finds its way into your bed, it can keep on laying fertile eggs, and by the time its ready to mate again, its own offspring will be reaching maturity, Naylor says.

This ability to inbreed means they can mutate, and produce stronger detoxifying enzymes that can break down insecticides. They can grow a thicker protective exterior that prevents insecticides from harming them.

Modern populations of bed bugs now have widespread resistance to every major class of insecticide, Naylor says. So its not surprising that people are struggling to control the insects using conventional insecticides.

Most of Pazos clients have already tried terminating bedbugs with flea bombs or by employing pest control companies, to no avail. [Flea bombing] is the worst thing you can do, Pazos says. They feel uncomfortable and will stop feeding for a night or two, but they will come back when they are hungry. It only makes them more difficult to kill because they hide deeper inside the walls.

Pazos has found another way of combating bed bugs that he says has been particularly effective. He uses an amorphous silicon gel powder, which he dusts on every surfaces of an infected apartment, and kills the insects by dehydrating them. It is completely harmless, he says. To prove his point, a colleague dips his finger in the powder and slips it in his mouth. (Not all types of silicon gel are non-toxic, Pazos stresses.)

Another, more expensive, method, is to raise the temperature of an apartment up to 60 degrees, which Pazos can do using special equipment. It is almost like a sauna, he says. Bedbugs die when the temperature reaches about 48 degrees, but Pazos maintains the heat for three hours so it penetrates walls, furniture and mattresses.

Pasoz shows how the heat treatment works, on a visit the cluttered flat of an elderly couple in Shau Kei Wan. It was one of the worst cases he had seen. When he first visited, the bed bugs, which are normally inactive in daylight, were crawling on the floor. The elderly man, who suffered the most, had thrown out the mattress and was sleeping on plastic sheets to prevent bites.

I wanted to cry seeing how my old man suffered, his wife says.

Its been five weeks since Pazos and his team first visited the flat. They have since done one heat treatment and applied the silicon dust three times. Like a detective on the hunt for evidence, Pazos lifts up the wooden bed panel and, bingo, he finds fresh bedbug droppings.

Despite rounds of chemical warfare and turning up the heat, Pazos job is not yet done.

Tips to deal with bed bugs

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Is Hong Kong on the verge of a major bed bug epidemic? We talk to the experts and get some tips - South China Morning Post
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Bed Bug Palace

Post date: June 11th, 2017

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Bed Bug Palace

Montreal, Street Photo

The rest is here:
Bed Bug Palace
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Cheryl spent a week at a beautiful resort and came back with a souvenir she didn't count on. She says, "Our vacation was wonderful, the villa spotlessly clean, the resort employees very friendly and helpful, the food was good overall and truly excellent in the specialty restaurants for dinner...Bed bugs would be my only complaint! Now I know what to look for BEFORE getting into bed no matter where I may travel!

"The photo shows some of the bed bug bites I received on my ankle while vacationing in a beautiful villa. At first we thought we were getting multiple bites from mosquitoes or sand fleas but once I started noticing that when I woke up, I had bites around my neckline, arms, wrists, and legs in patterns of mostly three (breakfast, lunch, and dinner...yuck!!) I realized what they were. The photo is what some of the bites looked like after 10 days or more.

"I am hoping that I didn't bring any bugs home with me!! I have taken initial steps to determine whether the problem has...MORE followed me home by having my daughter count the bites around my neckline to see if more show up. I also steamed, vacuumed, and sprayed rubbing alcohol all over my fairly new pillow top mattress and box springs; steamed, washed and dried all the bed linens using hot water and bleach; sprayed rubbing alcohol all over my baggage inside and out; and vacuumed my bedroom thoroughly.

Hopefully, I am just doing this as a precaution and there aren't any bugs that traveled home with me. I realize that if there are any bugs I will probably need professional help to deal with them and that I can probably kiss my mattress goodbye!"

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Pictures of Bed Bug Bites -
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This photo was given to ABC News 4. The provider said it shows furniture discarded by local firefighters as the result of a bed bug infestation.

According to firefighters, three Charleston County fire stations are infested with bed bugs. On Monday, a retired firefighter, Captain Joe Johnston spoke on behalf of others who won't speak up out of fear of retaliation.

Johnston said its been going on for a couple months and adds several firefighters have carried bed bugs from work to home. Now there's question if the situation is being handled properly.

He said he became alarmed when text messages and pictures started coming through. The pictures showed piles of infested office furniture outside Fire Stations 20, 13, and seven.

"It's a major problem, it's neglect is what it is, this is something you can manage very easily, Johnston said.

Its an issue the firefighters said was ignored by their interim fire chief.

"The crews are actually getting eaten alive, he said. They're taking it home and nobody is showing or expressing they care. Where do you go?"

For those at station seven, they go outside where there's working tents and showers. But with no signs of extermination, Johnston said it's only a matter of time before the pests follow. He said he and his family have been through a bed bug infestation before.

"If you haven't experienced it, you don't know what you're up against, Johnston said. "I know what they're up against, I know the politics of it, I know how it is. I want to be able to help them get the help they need and deserve."

In a statement Monday night, the Charleston Fire Department confirmed an infestation at three stations.

Once the problem was identified at Station 20 the firefighters were relocated to Station 18 while a professional contractor proceeded with the treatment, inspection, and cleaning of the station utilizing a chemical treatment process. Upon completion of the process, crews returned to the station, but still observed signs of infestation. Crews were again relocated as the professional contractor applied another treatment. Information was distributed to the department outlining recommended preventive measures to reduce the spread of the pests.

Bedbugs were reported at Station 13 and then Station 7 this past week. A specially trained K-9 that detects bedbugs was brought in to search the buildings and alerted on a few of the mattresses and sofas at both stations. The items were removed from the station for disposal at Station 7 and some of the items were removed from Station 13. Crew concerns halted further furniture removal at Station 13 until the affected living areas can be treated.

The crews from both stations were relocated to two air-conditioned Wester Shelters, temporary structures frequently used by urban search and rescue teams and wildland fire teams for crew operations. The tents have been erected outside of Station 13 along with a portable shower and toilet facility to reduce the impact on emergency services coverage in the area. The interior kitchen space was isolated from the impacted living spaces based on recommendations from a professional pest control manager and the bedbug K-9 handler to provide the crews with access to essential laundry facilities, stove and refrigeration.

During this period, the CFD has taken several steps to address the problem, including the hiring of a professional pest control company to treat Station 20, shifting mitigation strategy to heat treatment to address employee concerns, and issuing updates that reinforce best practices to reduce the likelihood of spread to other stations or firefighter's homes. In addition, Interim Chief John Tippett has directed all city fire stations be inspected by the specially trained K9 to ensure that they are free of bedbugs or identified rapidly for mitigation. One additional station (Fire Station 19) was inspected based on a concern, but found to be free of the problem. Additionally, the department is working with Charleston Housing Authority to obtain use of their heating units to apply to the affected stations. Due to the holiday weekend the department was unable to deploy the equipment through the housing authority and had to take measures with temporary housing in order to ensure we maintained protection of the residents in the area.

The statement also said no members have advised the Safety Officer of any reports of bed bugs beyond these stations or at their homes. Interim Fire Chief Tippett said they're committed to resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

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Charleston fire stations infested with bed bugs | WCIV - ABC NEWS 4
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The Cottages of Martinsburg where many residents are dealing with bed bug problems that are costing thousands of dollars.

MARTINSBURG Several residents at the Cottages of Martinsburg, located at 17 Cottage Road, have filed complaints with management and the West Virginia Attorney Generals Office about bed bug problems.

As many residents struggle to pay the rent, they said they find themselves with the additional cost of treating the bed bug problem that many feel is the responsibility of the landlord. They also must replace their furniture. For some residents, the cost of this problem has been in the thousands.

They said they are also unable to see any paperwork or billing from Ehrlich, the pest control company that is doing extermination work on the property. Some bills from management are as high as $1,750. The residents have asked Ehrlich for a copy of the invoice, or at least the work that has been done in their homes. Ehrlich has claimed they can only provide that information to the management at the Cottages of Martinsburg.

Bed bug-bitten children have been sent home from school as parents struggle to pay the high extermination fees and, in some cases, find ways to independently end the bedbug problem in their homes. Management has claimed that the residents have brought the bedbugs in, and therefore are responsible for the extermination bill.

Resident Branden Parks found bed bugs soon after moving into her home. Her child had recently been to the doctor for a wellness check just days prior to moving in. There was no sign of any bed bug bites during that medical examination.

I signed my lease Feb 17. I did not move my belongings in until the weekend of the 25. I went out of town for work on the 27. I did not get home until (March) 2. The 2 was me and my childrens first night (at their new address), Parks said.

He had just had a wellness check and it specifically shows he had no skin abrasions on him. That should prove I did not have bed bugs before this. She (property manager Nadine Kennedy) said to me, That doesnt prove anything. I also have my security deposit receipt that shows I didnt have bed bugs from my prior place either.

Resident Joy Cole-Jones moved into the cottages in April 2012. In August 2016, she saw bedbugs in her home.

I told them right away, and they sent somebody in a couple of days later Ehrlich to inspect. Well, they didnt find nothing, Cole-Jones said.

She killed and bagged a bed bug and took it to management. Ehrlich was called in by management.

They came about two and a half weeks later. It took a long time, I thought. They found, I think they said, one dead one, Cole-Jones said. They said, Your case is a mild case so you wont need the heat treatment. You just need the spray, and well do that three times, a week apart, and then well come back and look again. While that went on, I had to do everything they tell you bag up everything, take the pictures off the walls. After the third treatment, I had got rid of my furniture in the bedroom and me and my husband moved out to the living room.

But that treatment did not fix her problem.

After the third treatment they said, You should be okay, and so I went out and got new bedroom (furniture). Well, that same night I felt something. I turned over and there was one right there and I said, Oh my God, how can I have a mild infestation after you did three treatments and said I was clear and theyre still in here? And I did everything you told me to do and I am taking every precaution that I can,' Cole-Jones said.

Kimberly Sheer found out she had bed bugs from her childrens school.

I got notifications from the school and thats when I brought it to Nadines attention, and she said, Well, well get somebody out to look at your apartment, because I didnt know what bed bugs looked like, Sheer said. I never had any type of infestation of any type of bug in my life.

Like other residents, Sheer had to remove all her furniture.

I had to get rid of everything, all my beds, everything. I had to replace all my furniture. I had brand new furniture delivered on the day we moved in there, Sheer said.

Sallie Grant is a widow and lives alone. She also had to dispose of furniture, but one piece had great sentimental value.

I had to get rid of a sofa that was given to me by my mother, Grant said.

To prepare for treatment is time-consuming. The residents said it can be a hardship.

I have to empty all these closets and have them ready by Monday for Ehrlich to come in, and quite honestly, I dont trust them, Grant said. They never came back to inspect me after the first treatment. Its crazy. Nobody, nobody should have to live like this.

Residents are following every precaution they can to keep the bed bugs out.

When I come in from work, Im at the door stripping, putting my clothes in bags, hopping in the shower. As soon as I get out, theyre in the dryer getting heat to keep it from happening, Cole-Jones said. Nobody is coming to my house. There was too many other cases to say my family bought them in there.

Not being able to speak with the exterminator or see any invoice or other paperwork has many residents upset and confused.

They wont give it to you and they wont talk to you, and youre the resident. I called them and I tried to ask questions, and they told me they couldnt talk to me, they could only talk to the landlord, Cole-Jones said. So, I called Nadine and she said, Well, they said you was in the clear, and that was it, so I said, Well, Im not taking no chances because I know that its an infestation. I was in there crying. I said we are not bringing them in.

U.S. Residential Group, a third-party property management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, manages the Cottages of Martinsburg.

I wasnt aware that anybody ever asked for that information, said Anne Beard, regional property manager at U.S. Residential Group.

As word spread through the community about different amounts for which others were being billed, neighbors began restricting their children from playing with their friends next door. Many said they struggled just to make their bills and felt they would not be able to afford to exterminate. Some just dealt with the bed bugs, or tried treating the problem themselves. Others moved away.

Theyre not admitting to it, and not only that, some of them have moved out and just didnt tell because they knew they were going to be charged, Cole-Jones said.

Sheer said she has been charged $1,700.

We are making payments. Weve paid at least over $1,100, said Sheer, who has moved out of the Cottages. (After moving out,) the owners contacted us and asked for payment.

Other residents have been charged different amounts.

She told me $1,500, Parks said about the amount that management charged her. After filing her complaint with the Attorney Generals Office, the amount fell to $500. Now Parks spends evenings after work meeting with other residents and has seen a pattern of exterminations and billing. The working, single mother of two children has retained a lawyer. She said she knows of 15 neighbors that, Has them (bed bugs) or has had them.

Many residents said they dont believe they have brought the bedbugs in and should not be held liable for the extermination bill.

Now your kids are getting bitten, and you call Nadine and say, I think I have bed bugs, and they say, Its your fault, you brought them here,' Parks said.

I live in a two bedroom apartment. I have never in my 75 years ever (had them). I moved here, I got bed bugs, Grant said.

The Journal acquired six consumer complaints that were filed with the West Virginia Attorney General. The AGs office stated, The Attorney Generals Consumer Protection Division, as of today, has received a total of nine complaints filed against The Cottages in 2017.

Under most circumstances, the law does not permit the Attorney General to disclose the existence or absence of any investigation, said Curtis Johnson, press secretary for West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morriseys Office.

According to a statement from the Attorney Generals office in February, The landlord is responsible for maintaining habitable housing and cannot pass that responsibility onto the tenant under West Virginia law. Also, requiring tenants to pay extermination fees without proof the tenant caused the infestation violates the states Consumer Credit and Protection Act.

U.S. Residential Group has agreed to allow Parks out of her lease.

You gave me an uninhabitable home. My home is not habitable for living. I moved into this problem, Parks said.

I consider the issues with her resolved. We have been willing to pay everything, we have been cooperative with her, trying to make her happy. To be honest with you, we are trying to take care of all the residents at this point and resolve this situation, Beard said.

As for the other residents, Beard said they are not being charged except for tenants in the past.

There are some that are paying for it from last year. We have changed policy and we are no longer charging; we are paying for it, Beard said.

The Better Business Bureau in Texas, where U.S. Residential Group is headquartered, has an open file on the company.

We do currently have 34 complaints filed against the business. The most important part is there are 22 complaints that arent answered. So its not just that they have complaints, but out of the 34, 22 of them are unanswered, said Phylissa Clark, vice president of public relations and communication at the Better Business Bureau serving North Central Texas. They havent responded to the customer or the Better Business Bureau. Of the ones left, three of them are unresolved; the consumer indicated that they werent satisfied with the result. They currently have an F-rating. We have been reporting on them since 2011; thats how long weve been monitoring the company.

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CHARLES TOWN A Charles Town lawyer was arrested Tuesday in Jefferson County Magistrate Court for a misdemeanor ...

CHARLESTON West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey announced an $18.5 million settlement between ...

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Bed bug incidents cause frustration for Cottages of Martinsburg residents - Martinsburg Journal
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Mattress Cleaning - Dust Mites Removal System - Keeping your home clean is definitely a task. When bed bugs invade your home, the task can become especially difficult, and can often result in furniture and other beloved items having to be thrown out to ensure that the pests do not return. Heavy steam cleaning is one of the very most effective ways to remove dust, dirt and scent out of your home. It can be an effective means for killing bed bugs also.

The very best and the simplest way of stopping a bed bug outbreak according to researchers and experts is to keep your comforter sets very clean and tidy. Seems very obvious doesn't it? But this is where the catch is. The majority of us think of cleaning and preserving our bed linen as a daily habit task tended to only one time we awaken and before we crash in. We do not add the value necessary in keeping bed linens truly "clean" and hygienic.

The MattressKleen system is your healthy solution as it is non and dried toxic. The MattressKleen Process uses world's best portable equipment that vibrates and pulsates the mattress allowing powerful vacuum extraction to eliminate dead skin, mites and their excrement which is what we respond to. Simultaneously, UVC lamps can kill pathogen, bacteria, mould spores and living microorganisms. The complete cleaning system provided by MattressKleen is the secure and efficient way of interacting with dust mites problems.

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Mattress Cleaning - Dust Mites Removal System
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Pest Control Around The House

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Pest Control Around The House

This is a photo with generic pest control logos on it. They include signs for no wasps, rodents or mice, ants, snakes, roaches, spiders, and bed bugs.

Want to use one of our images on your own site? That's great! We do ask that you please give credit for the image by including a link to

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No Pests Logo

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No Pests Logo

This is a generic logo for no pests. Included in the illustration are snakes, spiders, roaches, mice, grasshoppers, bed bugs, and flying insects.

Want to use one of our images on your own site? That's great! We do ask that you please give credit for the image by including a link to

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