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Bed Bug Picture | How Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Post date: January 22nd, 2013

Lately, bed bugs have been given a lot of publicity, and are a hot topic of conversation in many cities. New York, as well as other cities, has recently experienced an epidemic of the pesky creatures. News channels have done reports on bed bug infested motels. A internet search for bed bug pictures will produce hundreds of results, images of bed bugs themselves and of the bites you get from them.Since bed bugs have received so much attention, there is a lot of fear surrounding the contracting of them. There is good reason for this anxiety. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of, and getting rid of them can be cost money and property.Most people are embarrassed when they have bed bugs, because they feel that people will think they are dirty. The truth is that anyone can end up with bed bugs, no matter how clean they are. There are lots of ways they can be contracted. Here are a few.Picking up furniture from the curbIf you need a mattress, and you see what looks like a perfectly good one sitting on the curb, you might be tempted to pick it up. Before you do, however, consider the fact that it was thrown out for a reason. That reason could have been bed bugs.Sleeping somewhere unfamiliarThe term "fleabag" motel could just as soon be changed to "bed bug motel." So before you accompany a shady character to a one night stand in a motel (or apartment, for that matter), with dingy curtains and stained sheets, think twice. At the very least, do a thorough check of the sheets before you lie down, looking for any little blood spots (an indication of bed bugs) or the bugs themselves. They come out around two or three a. M., and some of them are visible to the naked eye.Secondhand ClothesAlthough most thrift stores launder clothes before selling them, there is no guarantee that this has happened. Also, a wash cycle alone will not necessarily kill the bugs. Heat is needed to ensure that they have been killed. Therefore, before wearing second hand clothes, you should dry them for a least 40 minutes on the highest temperature cycle on your dryer.Bed bugs in the buildingThis is one way that many apartment dwellers contract the bugs. Even if you yourself have taken precautions and have not brought them in from anywhere else, it is possible that your building could be infested. Through no fault of your own, the bugs could find their way to your apartment through the walls.If you suspect that you are being bitten by bed bugs, look for bed bug pictures. Compare your bites to the ones in the images. Also, try to wait up at night and see if you spot any of the critters. If you catch the problem early, you can minimize your costs and losses. Finding out if you have them is the first step.

About the Author: Use bed bug pictures to find out more about the different types of bed bug treatment choices you have and to eliminate them for good.


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Wall Street Journal Has A Bedbug Problem

Post date: January 22nd, 2013

Bedbugs are everywherein our movie theaters, our posh hotels, our retail establishments, our district attorneys' offices, even inside your WiFi connection, where they've already crawled through the Internet tubes and up your leg. The city's latest bedbug hotspot is within the offices of the Wall Street Journal, a publication that really hates parasites who feed off their betters. In a memo obtained by Capital New York, deputy managing editor Deborah Brewster informs the staff that bedbugs are in the building and looking for a handout just like every other bum:

I wanted to let you know that on Friday the facilities department received a report of a bedbug sighting in the video area of the 6th floor. Over the weekend, that and the surrounding areas were checked for bedbugs by our extermination company. The check, which included a sniffer dog, indicated the presence of bedbugs, or their possible presence, in part of the video area and in part of the main 6thfloor conference room. The areas affected have been steam cleaned (this kills bedbugs) and chemically treated (this kills bedbug eggs).

The extermination company will undertake a follow-up check of the affected areas in coming weeks and will also conduct further spot checks and monitoring of our office.

This is the second time that we know of that the Journal has had a bed bug scare. In 2010, the paper itself reported that "the Wall Street Journal and the New York headquarters of its parent company, News Corp.," underwent "bedbug treatment" after a staff member for Barrons "informed us of bed bugs inside his apartment building." No bedbugs were ever found, but a bedbug-sniffing dog did signal concerns" and the offices were treated.

We look forward to the Journal's coverage of the latest chapter of what's become an all-too-routine Bug Bites Man story.

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Diatomaceous Earth – Bed Bug Killer – Video

Post date: January 21st, 2013

[youtube=] BedBugStop.Info Diatomaceous Earth - Bed Bug Killer Our Safer Brand of Diatomaceous Earth Prevents Bed Bugs and Bed Bug eggs from coming back! This non-toxic, natural Bed Bug Diatomaceous Earth keeps on working long after you apply it and it's your security blanket to make sure Bed Bugs...

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Hostel Pangea – Costa Rica – Bed Bug Attack

Post date: January 21st, 2013

Verminators- Attack of the Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Attack Nike Shut Down Store

Bed Bugs attack mans chair!

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Bed bugs rash cannot be found immediately after the bedbugs bite. It takes the time of 3days to a week to show the bedbug's rash. People generally get affected by bed bugs rash during night. The bedbugs suck blood at night as they are attracted by carbon dioxide exhaled by human and the heat possessed by human body. Many people get confused between bed bug bites and hives also known as utricaria. The appearance of bedbug's rash and hives are similar like they both show red bumpy swollen skin.


It is difficult to differentiate between bed bug bites and other insect bite. With the help of some symptoms we can easily make out bedbugs bite. The very first thing is the bedbugs bites are always in a straight line. They always take atleast 24 hrs to show any marks or any skin rash. Skin rash can occur anywhere on the body. They show symptoms like red bumps with itchy skin. One can also check the rash by taking the bed bugs rash picture on the body. It is advisable not to scratch the bed bug bite because it leads to infection. Different person reacts differently to the bite. Many people even don't care to notice the bite but some may develop irritation and rash on the skin if their skin is sensitive. To avoid skin rash after the bite it is suggested to wash the infected area with antiseptic and water and apply lotion to stop skin irritation. Sometimes bedbug rash multiplies after a week. One can go to doctor for proper medication needed to stop this.


It is very important to kill bed bugs. The main question arises in mind is how to get rid of bed bugs. There are various ways to get rid of bedbugs. The easiest way is to call professional exterminator for pest control. Or we can also get rid of bed bugs by natural method which takes time and removing the bedbug proper hygiene should be maintained and must be taken that they should not reappear.


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Bug Bite Pictures Red Circle | How Can I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs
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Rentokil - Bed Bug - eggs, nymphs and adults
Bed bugs are making a strong come back in the UK and further afield having been nearly completely driven from our shores30-40 years ago. Now, with the advent of cheap international travel and the relative lack of knowledge about them, bed bugs are finding their way back into our living space. Bed bugs can grow to about 5mm in length, about the same size of an apple pip, and are reddish brown in colour. They are round in shape and really flat, but after having a blood feed the swell up like a balloon. The young stages of this pest can easily be seen by eye and look like miniature versions of the adult insect. Luckily these pests cannot fly, hop or jump -- although the can walk at about 2cm a second (that #39;s 72m an hour!) They like to hide in cracks and crevices near to where they will be feeding next, and so they will commonly be found in headboards, mattresses and in bed side tables. But they can also be found in other areas where people sit for long periods of time. As a result they are commonly found in hotels and homes, although they have even been discovered on trains and buses. In normal room temperatures the bugs tend to feed every 2 -- 3 days. This generally takes about 8 minutes and the bug will only feed once unless it is disturbed mid meal. Adult females will then lay eggs after feeding and can lay up to 300 in her life time, in batches of about 10-15. The eggs are about 1 mm long and a pearly white colour, and these can often be found near where the adults and ...From:rentokilpestcontrolViews:5595 1ratingsTime:03:19More inAutos Vehicles

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Rentokil - Bed Bug - eggs, nymphs and adults - Video
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New York, NY (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

Bed bugs are more fertile than initially thought they were. That is according to study as reported by And so to eliminate the pests effectively and safely, iHaveBedBugs suggested the spraying of Bed Bug Bully.

See Bed Bug Bully in Action. Get a Sample of It Today

The report related that the study was conducted by a team led by Roberto Pereira of the entomology and nematology department of the University of Florida. The purpose of which was to discover what will happen with bed bugs if they are in a situation with less access to food. However, contrary to their expected starvation and eventual decrease in number, the study revealed that the pests could not only survive in the specified condition, they could also keep on multiplying.

It was said that bed bugs feed two to three times a week for 10 minutes each. And with that rate, the report shared that the pests could make 30-35 eggs a week. However, with the study, it was discovered that even if the bugs were fed for just five minutes a week, still, the female bed bugs could still lay eggs.

According to, the research just shows even if the pests were not seen or if anybody wasn't bitten by them, still they could be present. And so, it advised the public to conduct a regular bed bug infestation and to implement a bed bug treatment as soon as the pests are detected. Find the Best Help for a Prompt Bed Bug Elimination Process

However, it asserted that for a prompt bed bug treatment, the public should have a bed bug spray prepared. And among all the other bed bug products available today, it only recommended Bed Bug Bully. Describing it as pesticide-exempt, the site stated that the product is the best bed bug help anyone can get given that is safe apart from effective.

Additionally, iHaveBedBugs said that Bed Bug Bully is also an inexpensive aid to eliminate the pests. And that is especially true this month as MyCleaningProducts is giving out the bed bug product with 30% discount. Take Advantage of that 30% Discount. Order Your Bed Bug Bully Today

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Bed Bugs More Fertile Than Expected, Study Reveals; iHaveBedBugs Says Bed Bug Bully is the Best Help to Eliminate the ...
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[youtube=] 23-12-2011 13:54 Pictures of Bed Bugs | Images of Bed Bugs | Bedbug Looking to Feed 3424 Stanford Drive NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 293-7378 Here you will see pictures of bed bugs and one of the bed bugs feeding on a live person, Dave. This is what he has to do from time to time to keep the bed bugs alive so he can continue to train Captain Dale the only bed bug detection dog in the state of New Mexico.

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Several local families say they have lost most of their belongings to a bed bug infestation that's been linked to a Grand Junction property management company.

Kymball Hight, 29, is a disabled veteran. He lost part of his hearing while serving as a U.S. Marine during two tours of duty in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan.

In May 2011, he was told about a low-cost boarding home by his Veterans Advocate at the Grand Junction VA Medical Center. Hight says, "My advocate at the VA recommended this house because there's been a lot of veterans come through this place, so they were known to cater pretty well to veterans."

He moved in to the home at 1217 Colorado Avenue. There were 7 rooms, and several of the other tenants were veterans, and a few of them were disabled, according to Hight.

Hight's mother Shawna Holley says she had some reservations about her son's living situation, because she says their landlord Paul Sullivan only accepted cash, and wouldn't write receipts to the tenants. But he moved in anyway because the rent was cheap. He says his room cost $350, utilities included.

He says last fall, one of the other tenants started complaining about getting bitten by bugs at night. He says, "I remember him talking about getting eat up at night. He thought it was mosquitoes, at the time."

Hight says the problem only got worse, and eventually, they all realized the problem was bed bugs. They complained to the on-site maintenance man, Bruce Bornemann, who says he told his boss Sullivan. They say Sullivan refused to have the home fumigated, and instead sent a man to the home with three cans of Raid, which they say did not get rid of the problem.

Hight says that the issue became the landlord's problem once the bugs spread throughout the house. He says, "They didn't take care of the situation when it became a household issue, if the bugs were in one room, as long as they were in one room, that is kind of that tenants issue, if the bugs are in the entire house it's a house-wide issue, it becomes the homeowner's issue."

Says Hight, "While Raid will kill the adults, it won't harm the eggs."

He says a few of the tenants moved out, and threw away their belongings. He says the others couldn't afford to leave. Bornemann was told to tell all the tenants to remove their items from their rooms and then spray it with bug spray, which he said would be a temporary solution, and wouldn't rid the house of bugs.

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Bed bug infestation tied to GJ property mgmt. company
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