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We KILL Bed Bugs with Heat Treatments

Post date: January 6th, 2013

[youtube=] "The Bed Bug Guys" Jeff Berens and Chris Burnham use heat Thermal Remediation to kill Bed bugs, because Chemicals do not work effectively and leave behind a residue.

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We KILL Bed Bugs with Heat Treatments
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Bed Bug Bites - NJ Bed Bugs Exterminator nj bed bugs, bed bug bites, photos of bedbug, bites pictures. Until they #39;ve got experienced the bed bug bites, few people would know exactly what bed bugs are. We are able to describe these bug as small insect, oval in shape, that cannot fly. The actual adult bed bugs could be up to 7 millimeter long, and their colour is normally light-brown or brownish. It got its identify due to its tendency for being found in the places in which people normally rest such as under the bed, on the mattress or perhaps within the frame from the bed. These annoying little insects primarily feed with the blood of humans as well as small animals, typically at night. The intriguing thing is that the target does not feel the bedbug bites until the morning once they become clearly obvious and itchy. The actual affected person or pet cannot feel the bites considering the fact that the saliva associated with bed bugs contains anaesthetics. The bedbug bite skin breakouts normally appear about 60 minutes after the bite yet there are people that have the actual rashes shortly after a few days. This normally depends upon how the body might react to the chemical materials from the saliva. We are able to describe the bedbug bites as tiny and round, usually red colored. It is identical to the mosquito bite, however it is itchier and also the swelling is higher. Oftentimes, the bed bug bites are grouped or come in lines. This results in that the bugs were required to stop feeding ...From:njpestcontrolViews:4420 3ratingsTime:01:26More inPeople Blogs

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On Contact Solutions (, a supplier of scientifically-based green products to the hotel industry, is pleased to announce that it now offers Cimi-Shield, a revolutionary soybean extract spray that is non-toxic and prevents Bed Bug infestations for one year.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

In 2006, the Bed Bug Registry, a free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada, was founded ( Today, the Registry has collected 20,000 reports from 12,000 locations and states, "Until a reliable, safe pesticide becomes available, avoiding bed bug encounters will be the only reliable way to ensure they don't spread into your own home." Besides the horror of thousand of little bugs nibbling at you while you sleep, Bed Bugs have recently been found to carry MRSA, a drug-resistant bacterium that can lead to life-threatening infections (

Unfortunately, Bed Bug encounters are becoming harder and harder to avoid because traditional extermination methods only attack the problem after the bugs are reported by guests or hotel staff. In response, toxic chemicals are applied that kill the living bed bugs, leaving an untold number of eggs ready to hatch and reinfect the room in the future. Fortunately, a reliable and safe solution that prevents Bed Bug infestations by not only killing living bugs, but by killing the eggs that hatch for a year after treatment, has finally become available.

Called Cimi-Shield (or VA88), this non-toxic polypeptide protein molecule is derived from soybean oil. Because its ingredients, both active and inert, are demonstrably safe for its intended use, it is EPA 25b exempt, which means it is not subject to federal pesticide requirements. Cimi-Shield kills Bed Bugs by removing their outer waxy layer, causing them to dehydrate and die. Jeff Tomback, president of On Contact Solutions, says, "Now, hotels have the opportunity to prevent Bed Bug infestations before they start, ensuring guests that they will have a good night's sleep in a clean and safe room." As long as a hotel treats its rooms once a year, it will not have to worry about infestations, and guests won't have to perform a long list of preventive measures when they check into their rooms or worry about bringing Bed Bugs home with them."

Jeffrey Tomback On Contact Solutions 415-269-1903 Email Information

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Family Loses Possessions to Bed Bugs

Post date: January 5th, 2013

Mitch Fick FOX 17 News

7:28 p.m. EDT, September 13, 2012


The Autumn Park Apartments in Wyoming are just the latest site of bed bug infestation in West Michigan.

Thursday, FOX 17 got a look inside one of the units there after the tenants cleaned it out themselves. Matthew DeWard and his wife are trying to get through losing their possessions to bed bugs for a second time. The couple dealt with bed bugs when they lived at Morton House in downtown Grand Rapids. Theyve just moved back into their new apartment after cleaning out a new batch of the bugs themselves. He and his wife six months pregnant are forced to sleep on the floor. "One of our pieces of furniture - we noticed that it had bed bugs on it, Matthew said. And so we immediately - once again - threw everything we had out."

"It's very humbling to be sleeping with your pregnant wife on the floor and trying to comfort her."

Throwing out their possessions twice because of bed bugs has cost the DeWards both material and sentimental possessions, like a scrapbook from Matthews childhood he has to keep in his freezer.

Freezing the eggs that were laid in the book is the only way to save the keepsake.

"And you have to freeze it for up to two years before you can even take it out. And it's the only things I have from my childhood left."

A friend of another tenant asked not to be identified, but she says shes tired of seeing people live in these conditions.

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A man in Hudson, New Jersey appeared for court with bed bugs forcing the courtroom's closure. My Cleaning Products offered a complimentary sample of Bed Bug Bully to prove it's the best bed bug spray to get to solve the possible bed bug come back.

Hudson, NJ (PRWEB) March 01, 2013

Based on the report, it was the top floor of the Hudson County Administration that was affected by the bed bug incident. The man who showed up for court with bed bugs, it detailed, was trialed for a drug case. It was not known what happened to him after the incident, it added.

Particularly, there were five rooms treated in the said court building from 3:30 to 4:30 yesterday. The report related that two of those rooms were offices and one was a bathroom. The moldings outside of the two other rooms were also sprayed, it said.

But there was a contradiction regarding the number of the pests that the said man carried. One lawyer described him as covered in bed bugs, shared the report. Nonetheless, an employee of the court said that there was just one bed bug found on him.

Here's a part of the said report.

A section of the Hudson County Administration building had to be sprayed for bed bugs yesterday after a man appeared for court covered in the blood-feeding insects.

Parts of the top floor of the building, which houses a section of the Hudson County Superior Court, had to be sprayed by an outside contractor that works for the county, county spokesman Jim Kennelly said.

My Cleaning Products said that the bed bug incident in Hudson proved that anybody could transfer bed bugs anywhere. And given that anyone could be the next victim of the said pests, it stated that everyone must know how to identify, search and eliminate them.

So to help the public eradicate bed bugs, the company published a guideline featuring pictures of bed bugs and tips how to look and eliminate them effectively and safely.

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Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray Offers Complimentary Sample to Court After a Man Infected It With Bed Bugs, My Cleaning ...
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Green cleaning company My Cleaning Products published a complete guideline of how to get rid of bed bugs. Along with it, MCP announced it's also giving out complimentary samples of its organic solution for bed bug treatment.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

In the said guideline, the company gave a brief introduction about bed bugs and talked about their resurgence for the past few years. However, its focus was primarily bed bug elimination.

On the first part of the guide, My Cleaning Products, shared pictures of bed bugs and discussed the need to eliminate them. It enumerated the characteristics a bed bug treatment to implement should possess. And particularly, it listed that the process must be effective, safe, affordable and easy.

The company also explained why each of the mentioned characteristics must be the standards of the bed bug treatment method to pick. It stated that it should be effective to prevent the repeat of the process, safe to protect the health of anyone exposed to it, affordable to avoid spending the budget for other expenses and easy so it could be implemented promptly.

On the second part of the guideline, My Cleaning Products identified the most common methods of how to get rid of bed bugs. Specifically, it cited heat treatment, hiring of bed bug exterminator and the use of bed bug spray as those most-implemented of the bunch.

However, the company detailed that heat treatment presents quite a dangerous way to kill the pests. It shared that it has been reported to have caused several fire accidents. The hiring of the bed bug exterminator, on the other hand, it related, costs too big. And among the three, it said that only the use of bed bug spray meets the requirements of the right bed bug treatment to implement as long as the solution to use is organic-based.

However, of the many bed bug sprays available today, My Cleaning Products recommended only Bed Bug Bully. It asserted that among all the bed bug products available today, it is the best as proven by bed bug companies. In fact, it related that pest-control companies are the first users of the solution before getting its new licensing agreement that allows its release to the public.

Unlike the other bed bug sprays, MCP said that Bed Bug Bully contains no toxic chemical. Hence, it added that it is safe and hassle-free as it requires no evacuation. It also stated that it is inexpensive and easy to apply.

To test the product itself, the company additionally related that apart from the guideline, it also decided to release samples of Bed Bug Bully. So to those who have bed bug problems, it encouraged them to try the solution and see for themselves how well it works.

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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Complete Extermination Guidelines Released By My Cleaning Products, Company Announces It's ...
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In cooperation with pest-control experts, released an easy-to-follow guide how to check for bed bugs in houses, hotels and offices. The website said it initiated the publication of the guideline in order to help the public detect bed bugs early and prevent a huge bed bug expense.

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

As stated by Check For Bed Bugs, the said pests are not like ticks or fleas. They don't transfer diseases. But despite that, it said that they could bring in problems as skin allergy, social embarrassment and even paranoia. Those problems, it said, could negatively affect a person's general well-being. And because of that, it emphasized that a bed bug treatment is needed.

However, the website cited that although most of the public wanted to eliminate bed bugs themselves to avoid a huge expense, many of them fail to do so. One major reason that it gave is their late detection of the said pests.

Determining the public's need to locate bed bugs early for a cheaper bed bug expense, Check For Bed Bugs took the initiative to release a set of guidelines how to check for bed bugs. With the help of a number of pest-control experts, it published procedures of bed bug inspection in houses, hotels and offices.

The website made sure to present the guidelines in a simple format for everyone to easily understand. In addition, to increase the success rate of the process of how to check for bed bugs, it also published pictures of the pests and shared information about their hiding spots and the signs and symptoms of their presence.

Nonetheless, Check For Bed Bugs clarified that any bed bug inspection must be promptly followed by a bed bug elimination. And no matter if the infestation is in a house, hotel or office, it said that the best spray for bed bugs that any bed bug victim or pest-control expert could get is Bed Bug Bully.

As it stated, Bed Bug Bully is a minimum-risk spray for bed bugs approved by FIFRA 25(b). And because it is pesticide-exempt and safe, it shared that the use of it requires no evacuation. To test it, the site also urged users to try a complimentary sample of the green solution.

For a help how to check for bed bugs in a house, hotel or office, the site shared that anyone could get the guidelines at On the other hand, it related that Bed Bug Bully sample is available at

Caroline Cooper Check For Bed Bugs 1 (888) 440-3826 Email Information

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Freezing out the bed bugs

Post date: January 4th, 2013

They feed almost exclusively at night, make their best effort to hide during the day and prey on people when they're least suspecting it.

Their primary food source?

Human blood.

Taking all that into account, it's fair to say bed bugs share a lot in common with your everyday vampire, but one Lower Mainland company is at the forefront of new technology to eradicate the household pests.

Canadian Pest Control Ltd. is set to roll out a natural combatant in the war on bed bugs, called Cryonite.

"Cryonite is a freezing process. It turns CO2 in a gas canister, the same as you have in the back of a restaurant to turn pop into fizzy pop, into super cold snow, which is blown out under pressure," said Brett Johnston, general manager of Canadian Pest Control. "The super cold particles of snow hit the bug, shock the bug, and they cannot adapt to the massive drop in temperature -- and they die from shock."

Though used in Europe and the U.S. for decades, Cryonite was only recently given the regulatory green light by the federal government. Johnston's company will be the first in Metro Vancouver to roll out the new technology, and he expects to be offering it to customers this month.

Other methods used to kill bed bugs have traditionally involved pesticides, heat treatments, steamers and vacuums. Cryonite, however, is a more efficient way to kill the bugs, and the process can be completed quickly without masks, respirators or the use of any pesticides. In fact, those having their properties treated with Cryonite can remain in their homes while the process takes place.

"The great thing about Cryonite is that it's immediate. With the vast majority of pesticides, it takes several minutes, if not hours," Johnston said. "The real kicker with Cryonite is that it kills eggs. Pesticides don't kill eggs; eggs are quite well protected from their environment, but the super cooling is something that penetrates the egg and kills the egg."

Bed bugs have enjoyed a worldwide resurgence since the late 1990s and early 2000s and a number of theories exist as to why that's happened. In the Metro Vancouver context, Johnston said the bug's proliferation is likely due to the multitude of cultures that use Vancouver as their starting point before scattering across the region and province. And given that bed bugs are human parasites, they have conditioned themselves to adapt to any situation. The bugs are first attracted to humans through the emission of body heat and plumes of CO2 that come off the body, and because the bugs inject an anesthetic when they bite, most people will never know they've been bitten or have an infestation, until it's too late.

Though they prefer to feed at night, if a person is a shift worker and sleeps during the day, the bugs will feed on them during daylight hours. That said, the bug's preferred feeding hours are between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., Johnston said, the hours when people are most likely to be in their deepest stages of sleep.

A full-grown bed bug is about the size of an apple seed and is reddish-brown in colour.

"Their food source is strictly blood," Johnston said.

"They have a piercing, sucking mouth like a mosquito, but they don't have a chewing mouth part. They cannot feed on anything else: just blood. And they really prefer humans."

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Freezing out the bed bugs
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Do you know what the saying, Crazy as a bed bug means?

Im not certain but I do know that at times, the bites from a bed bug can itch with such intensity that they can almost drive you crazy.

And, unfortunately, there has been a resurgence in the number of bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs can cause many problems but fortunately they are almost never carriers of any serious infectious diseases.

However, they are responsible for symptoms, and the most disturbing one is intense itching.

The itching can be so severe that it results in the affected person scratching the bite with such ferocity that bleeding takes place in the area of the bite. This is a setup for a secondary bacterial infection that frequently requires antibiotic treatment.

Allergic reactions may also take place but they are not too frequent and occur more commonly in people who already have allergies, such as asthma.

The exact cause of the resurgence of bed bugs is not known although various theories have been expounded.

They include, increased international travel, exchange of used furniture and the bed bugs increased resistance to insecticides.

Some experts believe the recent bed bug infestation started in high-end hotels that cater to wealthy foreigners. The bed bugs were unknowingly residing in the travelers suitcases. When the suitcases arrived at the hotel, the bed bugs escaped, usually finding refuge somewhere on the bed.

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Second Opinion: Sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite
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