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[youtube=] 23-12-2011 13:58 Pictures of Bed Bugs | Images of Bed Bugs | Bedbug Looking to Feed 3424 Stanford Drive NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 293-7378 Here you will see a live bed bug trying to feed.

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Feeding a Bed Bug | Images Of Bed Bugs | Bed Bug on a Human - Video
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bed bug eggs – Video

Post date: January 14th, 2013

[youtube=] shop smart shop fast shop secure for all your bed bug needs and much much more

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Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Pictures of bed bugs play a vital role in the pests' effective elimination, said My Cleaning Products. And so, in its post dated January 18, 2013, the company shared many of them. Moreover, it explained how one could use them to ensure the effectiveness of a bed bug treatment.

According to My Cleaning Products, pictures of bed bugs could specifically help an individual correctly identify the blood-feeding pests. However, it added that people often skip looking at those images and go straight to the treatment. As a result, many mistake them as other insects like the young of cockroaches and booklice.

Because bed bugs are often mistaken as other common house pests, it follows that improper treatment is always implemented, the site explained. And as it stated, with that, money is wasted given that the wrong product or method does not solve the problem.

Apart from that, MCP also detailed that the mis-identification of bed bugs gives them a chance to multiply. That, in return, compounds the problem they bring.

So to avoid mistaking bed bugs as any other insect and to prevent the unnecessary waste of money, My Cleaning Products advised the public to spare time looking at the pictures of bed bugs and familiarize themselves with how they look like. As it said, it is a crucial part of eliminating the pests.

However, more than just checking images of the said pests and even pictures of bed bug bites, the website added that one must also know where the vampire-like pests hide. To help any bed bug victim easily find them, it also shared in its post the bed bug signs a person must always look for.

But for a safe bed bug elimination apart from effective, My Cleaning Products recommended to the public the use of organic-based bed bug spray. It asserted that it's the best bed bug elimination help one could get as it also prevents chemical-related health risks.

Nonetheless, the site only recommended one organic-based bed bug spray Bed Bug Bully. And to prove it themselves that it is truly safe and effective, MCP urged bed bug victims to try a complimentary sample of it. Bed Bug Bully sample is available at, according to the post.

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K-9 Training Chicago – Bozo.mp4 – Video

Post date: January 13th, 2013

[youtube=] 27-09-2011 07:37 K-9 Training Chicago provides training for bedbug-sniffing dogs, and the results are amazingly accurate. Entomology researchers at the University of Florida report that well-trained dogs can detect a single live bug or egg with 96 percent accuracy. Detector dogs are useful for locating bed bugs because they use olfaction rather than vision. If trained properly, dogs can be used effectively to locate live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.

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K-9 Training Chicago - Bozo.mp4 - Video
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September 23, 2012 in Business

Last week I told you that the Federal Trade Commission recently filed deceptive advertising charges against a marketer of bed bug and head lice treatments. Back-to-school season does bring, unfortunately, some hordes of pests. Back in 1998, the FTC put out a press release stating that 6 million to 10 million children a year deal with head liceinfestations.

The FTC wanted companies to disclose, in their print ads and promotional materials, that reapplication (of lice remedies) and egg removal are required to ensure completeeffectiveness.

The Centers for Disease Control website says retreatment of head lice usually is recommended because no approved pediculicide is completely ovicidal. (I think this means it doesnt kill all the eggs. If a company claims that their product does completely eliminate lice and lice eggs in a single application, be skeptical.) Further tipsinclude:

Launder on high heat. Lice and eggs are killed by exposure for five minutes to temperatures greater than128.3F.

Hats, combs and towels that come in contact with the hair of an person with lice shouldnt beshared.

Vacuuming furniture and floors can remove an infested persons hairs that might have viable nitsattached.

Avoid head-to-head (hair-to-hair) contact during play and other activities at home, school andelsewhere.

Disinfest combs and brushes used by a person with lice by soaking them in hot water (at least 130F) for 5-10minutes.

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BBB Tip of the Week: Head lice - Sun, 23 Sep 2012 PST
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RED BANK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show[1], welcomed Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, star of Jersey Shore, as a guest on the evening of January 3rd. During her visit, Ms. Polizzi demonstrated to Mr. Leno “Snookify Me![2]”, a mobile app developed on her behalf by Apps Genius Corp[3] (OTCBB: APGS.OB[4]).

The app allows users to “Snookify” pictures of themselves and their friends in a matter of seconds and post them to Facebook walls, email, or upload to a “Snooki” Gallery that allows other users to rate their “Snookify Me!” created pictures. Users of the app can choose from Snooki’s different hairstyles including Snooki’s famous “poof,” various clothing apparel, stylish sunglasses, flashy jewelry, and even tan themselves to look like the most popular of Jersey Shore’s cast members.

The “Snookify Me!” app costs only $1.99 to download and is available on both Google’s Android Market[5] and Apple’s iTunes[6].

Adam Kotkin, CEO of Apps Genius, said, “We’re delighted that Mr. Leno took the time to have ‘Snooki’ as a guest last night, and that she was able to ‘Snookify’ him. Now Jay joins the ranks of ‘Snooki’s’ legions of fans who are learning how much fun it is to ‘Snookify’ pictures of themselves and their friends.”

To watch the January 3rd episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, please visit:[7]


About Apps Genius Corp

Apps Genius Corp ([9]) develops, markets, publishes and distributes social games and software applications that consumers can use on a variety of platforms. The platforms include social networks, wireless devices such as cellular phones and smartphones including the Apple iPhone™ and standalone websites. The Company’s Celebrity Entertainment Division focuses on leveraging the fan base of noted celebrities to build apps and games around their personas. The first title in this division, ‘Snookify Me!’, was created for Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi of the reality TV show Jersey Shore. Additionally, the Company has released several applications including ‘Bed Bug Alert,’ an informational tool for the Apple iPhone™, ‘My Mad Millions,’ a game application for Facebook™, ‘Slap a Friend,’ a game application for the Apple iPhone™, ‘Bruisers,’ a game application for Facebook™, and ‘Crazy Dream’ Application for Facebook™. Apps Genius Corp’s goal is to develop and publish new titles on a recurring basis that are based on the same property and gaming platform. Examples of this franchise approach are ‘My Mad Millions’ and ‘Rock The House,’ currently under development, which both utilize the same underlying platform. A core focus of the Company’s Social Gaming and Mobile Application development is to allow users and players to reach across different networks into a virtual application or gaming environment such as Facebook, MySpace, iPhone and Android and be able to play games and use applications from all users no matter what environment they are using the application in.

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements about the future expectations of Apps Genius Corp, and all other statements in this press release other than historical facts, are "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Apps Genius Corp intends that such forward-looking statements shall be subject to the safe harbors created thereby. Since these statements involve certain risks and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, Apps Genius Corp's actual results could differ materially from expected results.


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EnviroMate PRO EP1000 Offers Cutting-Edge Italian Technology At A Lower Cost Without Sacrificing Performance Or Quality

Lake Forest, Illinois (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

"Reliable set out to engineer the best professional-grade steam vapor system in the industry, says V.K. Dunlop of "The beautifully designed and incredibly powerful PRO EP1000 combines the cutting-edge features employed by pricier steam vapor systems at a price point everyone can afford. With its optional trolley, the Italian-designed PRO is ultra portable and super convenient for both professional and home use.

While steam vapor systems like the EnviroMate PRO EP1000 are traditionally used to clean and sanitize surfaces without chemicals, professionals and consumers alike are discovering that these marvels of technology instantly eliminate bed bugs from where they hideincluding in mattress seams, sheets, clothing, picture frames, furniture and structural areas like baseboards.

Chemicals that can eliminate bed bug infestations are rare and mostly ineffective, says Dunlop. Steam vapor systems that allow people to kill bed bugs without chemicals are of growing interest across the country. The Pro EP1000 offers an innovative solution to people who want affordable do-it-yourself options. Its ease of use, powerful capabilities and reasonable price combine to make the Pro a compelling alternative to professional exterminators who come with hazardous pest control chemicals and a high price tag.

Besides endangering human health, another problem with chemicals is that they cant reach bed bugs in every nook and cranny where they hide. A highly toxic chemical called propoxur does work better than most, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned propoxur for home use in 2007 because the pesticide can damage the central nervous system of children. Other chemicals can irritate the skin and eyesor even cause cancer.

The pristine white PRO EP1000 is a safe, fast, economical remedy that does not involve using toxic chemicals that harm human health. It uses 257F steam vapor instead of chemicals to instantly kill bed bugs and the eggs they leave behind, which are rapidly killed when exposed to temperatures over 113F. And because steam vapor particles are so small, they can reach cracks and crevices chemicals cannot. With a steam vapor system like the PRO EP1000 bed bugs have nowhere to hide and are a thing of the past. And because the PRO EP1000 kills bed bugs right away, it can be more economical than chemical alternatives that take several treatments.

Located in Lake Forest, Illinois, is moving fast to educate consumers and businesses that finally, there's a feasible, environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals. With customers in every state in the nation and seven foreign countries, the company markets Reliable, Vapamore and Ladybug steam vapor sanitization systems worldwide. For more information, call 1-800-468-2767. is a proud member of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, a nationwide effort to protect families from toxic chemicals. To stay safe and avoid toxic chemicals, keep abreast of the latest news with 1-800-GO-VAPOR.coms Twitter account, @1800GOVAPOR.

V. K. Dunlop 1-800-468-2767 Email Information

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Professional Bed Bug Steam Vapor System Now Affordable and Available, Announces
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Bedlam Bed Bug Control Spray

Post date: January 12th, 2013

[youtube=] Pest Mall's Product Review of Bedlam Insecticide Spray.

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Bed Bug Bite Pictures – Video

Post date: January 12th, 2013

[youtube=] - Click here to see more bed bug bites pictures!

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