What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? Symptoms & Pictures …

Post date: November 22nd, 2018

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Bed bugs are reddish-brown flat insects that are the size of an apple seed. They feed on human blood and other warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs mainly target exposed areas since they cant penetrate through clothes. They are mainly active at nights when the host sleeps and bites are often grouped together in a small area and at times may occur in a line or a zigzag pattern.

The presence of bed bugs at your home can be understood by the blood spot on the bed covers, bites on ones skin and faces of bed bugs are common indications of the bed bug infestations. Bites are usually seen in the areas that are exposed during the sleep like the hands, neck, face, shoulders, legs, and arms. They attack the host during the sleep and immediately reach the hiding spot.

The bed bugs bites its host by securing itself on the skin of the host using its claws and then inserts it beak into the skin of the host. The beak consists of two tubes (stylets): one mouth part secretes the bugs saliva into the human, and the other mouth part feeds off of blood.

This saliva assists in preventing the hosts blood from clotting to keep it flowing. They also excrete a tiny amount of anesthesia into the host body before they bite so that there is no sensation. The saliva causes the itching sensation on the hosts skin. Bed bug bite reactions may take some time after youre bitten. They sometimes take a few days to begin causing symptoms or the symptoms might also go unnoticed. Not everyone counters to bedbugs bites in the same manner.

Here are few symptoms and pictures of bed bug bites on various positions.

Legs are a common area to get big bugs bites since they are very much exposed during sleep. And, Bed bug bites may sometimes appear in lines of multiple, small, red marks where multiple bed bugs have fed along an exposed area or they may be grouped along a small area.

Bed bugs will look for other victims if they are unable to find human blood. They may bite your dogs for their survival. Unlike humans, they do not stay on pets but return to a protected harborage site after feeding. Bed bug bites on dogs can cause skin irritation, pink welts or spots on the skin, intense itching and even allergic dermatitis. They can also cause patchy hair loss, rashes, hives, blisters and even irritability or anxiety in the pets.

You should be well aware and look for the signs if bed bugs are feeding on your pets blood. Look for a discarded skin of the bugs and their fecal stains. The fecal stains are usually brown, red or rust colored spots and stains in and around the pets bedding.

Babies who sleep in crowded places are at a higher risk of getting attacked by bed bugs since there is a higher chance of the presence of bed bugs. Infants who are prone to skin allergy may develop a generalized bumpy redness in large areas with severe itching, and they may scratch the area vigorously, which puts infants at risk for bacterial infection.

Management of bedbug bites includes removing the bedbugs themselves and controlling the childs itching because scratching can lead to infection. Make sure to keep infants nails trimmed short. You should consult your child doctor if there is pus, redness, swelling, fever, or if the reaction blisters or is otherwise severe. There have been rare cases of severe allergic reaction that affect breathing (anaphylaxis). Seek emergency medical care if your child has trouble breathing.

In cases of severe infestation if you are consulting a professional exterminator agent remember that some insect repellants can be toxic to children, so make sure whatever the chemicals that the agents are using are safe for your children.

The bites may appear in a group or may appear as a cluster of red bumps. It may also blend together in a rash making it difficult to identify individual bites. It depends on the skin of the host how the bites would appear on the skin.

Bites normally look like small, flat or raised areas that may become inflamed, itchy, red welts, bumps or blistered.

Bedbugs always look out for exposed areas for their meal. Your face is an area that remains always exposed. They usually bite on the face at nights and the bites are painful afterward. Ice cubes certainly relieve the swelling. It takes around two weeks for the marks to disappear.

Having bites on your face is not only irritating but can also be very embarrassing especially after scratching when they turn red. It takes around two weeks for the marks to disappear but if there is a severe infection due to excessive scratching the marks may last for a long time.

Bed bug bites generally last for a few days. If you suffer from an allergic reaction due to the bed bug bite, the red itchy bumps may last longer on you than on other people. In some severe cases, bed bug bites can cause an itchy rash that blisters and fills with fluid. In these cases, it may take up to two weeks for the marks to disappear. The good news is that bed bugs dont spread disease. However, bed bug bites should be treated as fast as possible is to reduce the itching and irritation that they cause. Excessive scratching can lead to scarring which may cause scars and the bed bug bite scars will last for a long time. Recovering quickly from bed bug bites is important to reduce the irresistible urge to scratch the bite marks.

In the rare occasions when home remedies dont help to get rid of bed bug bite and they last for too long. You should visit your doctor or dermatologist. Also, consult a doctor if bed bug bites induce a severe allergic reaction or you notice anything unusual around the site of the bed bug bites. Antihistamines and Panafcortelone are usually prescribed by the doctor to treat bed bug bites in severe cases.

After about two weeks the swollen area reduces its bump and also the redness decreases. If there are marks due to an infection and excessive scratching it might take a long time for the marks to disappear.

They may also leave black marks afterward and it might take a few months for the skin to get rid of the spot.

Bed bug bites on a black person are not as visible as on a white person. It is difficult to understand bed bug bites on a black person if the black person is not very allergic to bed bug bites.

However, the symptoms of bug bites may appear up to two weeks after the actual bite. It is very rare for anyone to have a serious health problem based on a bed bug bite. It should also be noted that bed bugs dont come out to feed every night. They are the creatures who can go several days without eating. It may take a few weeks to notice that your bites are part of a larger pattern.

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